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  • Marissa - Might not be real but it works

    I'm not sure this is authentic. The light has a delayed reaction when turning off. It also has a strobe light setting if you click it twice, which I don't think is feature of LuMee's. The packaging looked photocopied and blurry. And the light is a different shade than my previous one; however, it serves the same purpose and looks just as pretty so I'm happy.

  • NARAN PATEL - Bad practice by Intuite

    The price offered by Amazon is good but Intuite -QB manufacturer will charge the full price when you upgrade it for more than three employees. It like paying double the price. I think all QB products sholuld be removed by all vendors. Because you are effectively buying at full retail price from the manufacture.

  • Amazon Customer - It really does work!!!

    After I discovered this product on the internet I decided to try it. I am someone who has Chiari Malformation and suffer from many different symptoms. For those who are not familiar with Chiari, it is similar to MS but stems from problems in the cerebellum being smooshed in the skull. Anyway, this condition causes many symptoms, ranging from neurological, severe headaches, visual disturbances, balance issues, etc (and in some cases requires brain surgery to create room for the cerebellum). After I started using this product I could feel the difference in my energy levels. So I continued using it and soon after many of the symptoms I had prior either were reduced in severity or went away. However, I decided to test f this was really due to this product and stopped using it for two weeks. That was a wrong decision because not long after doing that many of my neurological symptoms came back and I was zapped of my energy. I could not believe that for such a small price this product could make such an impact. It really does make a difference.

  • Yatzee - Best allergy product I have found!

    Completely fixed my allergy problem. I've had allergies for 30+ years. Before starting the dHist regiment, I was taking Fluticasone & Singular daily. Plus, Mucinex D as needed, which was frequent as well. I haven't had to take any of these products since starting dHist. I would recommend it to anyone. One thing though, I am still on the loading dose (2 pills 3x per day), even after 6 months because my allergies are do bad. I am primarily allergic to mold and grass (top triggers) , Russian Thistle, dogs and cats (which rarely bother me). Best allergy product I have found. No side effects.

  • carelin - excelente!

    son iguales a la fotografia y me tardaron en llegar 20 dias a venezuela!! no tuve ningun problema durante la compra y el envio de este producto..

  • ABERNATHY J CUMBERPATCHES - Beautiful pen, classic lines

    Beautiful pen, classic lines, but it has a different weight and feel than the Expert Black Lacquer pen it was to replace. This was a gift to myself but I could not see it holding up well over the years I expected to be using it. It pained me but I had to replace it. The return was very easy.