The Mayo Clinic Diet | Weight Loss Diet Plan to Lose Weight - Lose up to 6-10 pounds in 2 weeks with a healthy diet program based on the No. 1 New York Times best selling book.

  • The Experts Behind The Mayo Clinic Diet - Learn about the nutrition and healthy living expert physicians, scientists, and dieticians behind The Mayo Clinic Diet.
  • How the Diet Plan Works | The Mayo Clinic Diet - Learn how the Mayo Clinic Diet program works. Based on the book - a two phase approach to lose weight and maintain your weight loss goal.
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  • Jan: Success Weight Loss Stories | The Mayo Clinic Diet - With the Mayo Clinic Diet, Jan learned behavior modifications and tools to help her sustain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of her life.
  • Beverly: Success Weight Loss Stories | The Mayo Clinic Diet - Aside from health improvements and weight loss, the biggest reward for Beverly was regaining her self-confidence.
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  • Seth and Beverly: Success Weight Loss Stories | The Mayo Clinic Diet - Through the Mayo Clinic Diet, this married couple regained their health, confidence and identities — and lost almost 100 pounds in the process!

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