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  • AmazonAddict - Game box badly damaged

    After many years of ordering thousands of items from Amazon, this is the first item I ever returned for item damage. The game box was badly damaged. But, the shipping box was fine. That means somebody packaged a damaged game.

  • Douglas Deicke - Hawaii Five-O season five

    Hawaii Five-O is still a fantastic crime drama. The 100th episode was my favorite episode this last season. I don't want to give away the ending but it was awesome. Chi McBride was a great addition to the cast this past year.

  • Dazzlingleopard - Family Fun

    This was my granddaughter's favorite Christmas gift! She plays it constantly. I get "the best grandma" award.

  • CABeachGal M - Fabrics and stone tile

    So far, I've used this to clean up several items that I stored in a moldy garage w/bathroom I got in a new house. A dear cotton bright red and yellow quilt was very mildew/mold smelling and washing it did not help the problem. Obviously, I could not use bleach and I can't really take bleach fumes in the bathroom. I bought two bottles and sprayed every inch of the quilt, both sides and let it dry using a small space heater. It smells like I washed it (which I now will to get the particles off) and it did not affect any of the colors. I have several other blankets which I know now I can save and one upholstered dining chair I plan on saving too.