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  • Tehru - GREAT product but READ the directions

    Ok you guys with the negative reviews are funny. Of course the company is looking for ways to charge you- It is like those free apps- you can play just fine for free but you can always get more if you pay, and Freedompop is no different.

  • T.C. - Works exactly how I need it to.

    I received this yesterday and the only purpose it has for me is to stream HD videos from my desktop over LAN. I was pleasantly surprised with everything about it so far.

  • Ethan & Stefanie - I'm never using any other product!!

    I have always struggled with yellow teeth. I have tried many teeth whitening products, which none of them really worked. When I tried this I was shocked that just by one use you can really tell the difference!

  • Amazon Customer - This is the worst unit. Brand new house 4 years ago and ...

    This is the worst unit. Brand new house 4 years ago and the unit was a lemin from the start. navien would not come out to fix it UNDER WARRANTY. We paid on 5 separate times for a pkumber to come out to fix it. They made us go theru their "protocol" of trying this and that first. Finally after so many failed attempts to keep the unit working and endless complaining the unit as a whole was replaced - after 2 years of trouble. Fast foward 2 years later and rhe newer unit is giving us the same issues. No hot water, having to restart it, heat goes out...etc etc etc. Called Navien again and there's nothing they can do. Told us to call a Navien service specialist. At our expense again. This unit is the WORST but the customer service is horrendous!!!!

  • Amazing Customer - A digital version of the whole dead tree editiion

    There's a free trial, just take a look at it. It's a high quality "scan" (straight digital print really) of the paper version. No useless movies or clutter. A jump-to index might have been nice like some other magazines have, but this is a solid choice. I actually went for this rather than the dead tree version.

  • Candace Thie - Great way to organize all those coins laying around in drawers.

    My friend was very excited to get this book. She's a total amatuer collector but it makes her feel lie more of a pro having a place to store and exhibit her collection.