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Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy - CSSDP - Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a grassroots youth organization concerned about the negative impact our drug policies have on society.

  • http://cssdp.org/about/national-team-board/ CSSDP Board of Directors & Advisors - National Team - Meet the national team that help CSSDP chapters across Canada raise awareness about harm reduction and sensible drug policy.
  • http://cssdp.org/cssdp-members-large/ CSSDP Members-at-Large - CSSDP - CSSDP members-at-large help us do important work by contributing time and effort to raise awareness about harm reduction and evidence-based drug policy.
  • http://cssdp.org/sdp/ Support Don't Punish - CSSDP - CSSDP considers problematic drug use in society primarily a health issue rather than a criminal one, and stands behind the Support Don't Punish campaign.
  • http://cssdp.org/board-member-callout-oct-2016/ Join our board of directors, fight the drug war! - CSSDP - CSSDP is looking for two motivated youth and students who are interested in working against the harms done by drug policies to join our board of directors!
  • http://cssdp.org/overdose-awareness-day-2016/ International Overdose Awareness Day 2016 - CSSDP - International Overdose Awareness Day draws attention to effective harm reduction methods that can prevent overdose deaths.
  • http://cssdp.org/cannabis-marihuana-name/ Cannabis to Marihuana: What’s In a Name? - CSSDP - Board member Michelle Theissen and Okanagen CSSDP chapter member Megan Stager discuss how the terms we use reflect the attitudes we hold.
  • http://cssdp.org/youth-speak-cannabis-legalization-outcome-document/ Youth Report on Cannabis Legalization - CSSDP - CSSDP hosted a youth roundtable on cannabis legalization in Toronto. Listen to what youth have to say about sensible cannabis policy and read the report!
  • http://cssdp.org/introduction-harm-reduction-model/ Introduction to the Harm Reduction Model - CSSDP - The harm reduction model for drug use and drug policy in contrast to the zero tolerance model, explained by CSSDP member-at-large Scott Jacobsen.
  • http://cssdp.org/legalizing-cannabis-lessons-canada/ Legalizing Cannabis: Lessons for Canada - CSSDP - Canada has set a deadline for legalizing cannabis. By spring 2017, the substance will be legal and available for recreational use.
  • http://cssdp.org/position-statement-stop-raiding-dispensaries/ Position Statement: Stop Raiding Dispensaries! - CSSDP - For 20 years, dispensaries have helped patients access medical cannabis. Why are we raiding dispensaries with legalization around the corner?

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  • Gennatay - The Millennials Guide to Life and Social Media

    I really wanted to love this book. I preordered based on all the great reviews I'd seen about it on social media. I also follow Luvvie on twitter and wanted to support. This book has some really funny moments and speaks the truth on many issues. However, the writing style in the book had me struggling to finish. It reads like a really long twitter rant/blog post. The author starts a topic with an example, uses another example (that may or may not be related) in the middle of the thought and comes back to her original example at the end. It's almost like she wanted to use a meme in the middle of the chapter, but couldn't, so she decided to write out the meme instead. I finished the book, I liked the book but struggled throughout.

  • Daniel Lufkin - A nice everyday monitor that won't bust your budget

    Very nice product. I wanted just one for my new Raspberry Pi adventure, but I bungled the order and received three units. The image was so good on the R Pi that I used one of the extras to replace my wife's elderly monitor and returned only one. (The refund procedure was painless and quick and I could just drop off the return unit at a local Staples with the full refund credited to my Amazon account the same day.)

  • Wendy - Good for Even Dry Skin

    Love this product. I am 50 yrs old with somewhat dry skin. The product works well on my skin without being heavy. No perfume either. Doesn't peel when you put it on. Leaves skin noticeably softer with continuous use.

  • Nancy J Lewandowski - It is what it is

    Indeed, it is a tax guide. This came with an extra booklet highlighting the changes for 2013. Strong reading glasses are helpful for the fine print.