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  • Laurence K - I Don't Know If They Reduce Pain But They Atleast Stay In Place

    I apply patches to my lower back and these Salonpas patches seem to "stick" (stay in place) better than the Salonpas patches which I purchases at the store/pharmacies. The percentages of the active ingredients also differ (5.7% Menthol & 6.3% Methyl S. vs. 3% Menthol & 10% Methyl S., respectively). Whether the patches reduce MY pain I have no idea because I simultaneously flood my body with pain pills too. Actually, only God can reduce or take pain away, but I/we all try anything because we're desperate to get help.

  • Mazebat3 - Don't Beleave It!

    I have used this item for a few weeks now, and it only works right after you use it, once you dring coffee or have tea or anything else, your teeth look just like they did before.

  • Kimberly - I like the smaller one with the pointed tip

    These are a decent little set of pruning shears. They are VERY sharp and cut cleanly without crushing the branches. I like the smaller one with the pointed tip. It makes it easier to do more precise trimming of smaller plants. These things slipped right in between all the close branches very easily. The pointed shears have a leather strap to lock it closed. The other has a mechanism that pivots. It works well and is easy to turn. Did I mention that these things are sharp? Use care that you don't slide a finger across the cutting surface of those blades! Overall, These shears work really well, the best part is that you get both types of shears so that you can do all kinds of jobs with them. I tried them out in several areas, they're very sharp, and cut nicely.

  • Shalonda Collier - Royal Majesty!

    This book was good from beginning to the end. I like Royal and Majesty together, but I see its going to be some mess in the game. I like that some of the old characters from Money and Montana made an appearance. Drake is silly as hell and Destiny is my girl. Great storyline, definitely will recommend. Great job!

  • Mary Moon - Love it!

    I must have researched a dozen different blenders before finally deciding. If money was NOT an issue I def would have gone for the vitamix. But since money is an issue I needed a lower priced blender. I saw this in walmart and thought it looked perfect for my needs (daily smoothie and occasional cooking). I was very pleasantly surprised by this blender!! The small individual serving blender is perfect for my daily smoothies with soooo much less clean up. The power is amazing! I crush and blend ice, frozen fruit, and protein mixes with the individual. I use the big one for mixes and larger jobs. Ive had the blender now for about 2 months and I still love it. I highly recommend this for fruit smoothies. I havent tried green smoothies yet...(My body isnt ready for that)..but if/when I do I will update review.