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CS:GO Casino: jackpot, roulette, lucky wheel! - After her failed marriage and a desire for a child - she eventually agreed to go with him for a drink and then somehow, despite the protestations of her friends, the majority of who she now rarely saw, she agreed to marry him after a drunkard proposal following one of his rare nights out with his business partners, entertaining some client - part of the job he never liked, as it allowed her, the rare opportunity to go out with her friends. And this was his biggest fear - the thought that she would go out into society and meet someone who would make her truly happy and would allow her to lead her life as she really wanted to live it.

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  • Maevyn - Used to be good, now invasive

    It was good. I say that past tense. Now even browsing amazon it's trying to 'find better prices' for products on Amazon. It will only allow me to disable this for 24 hours at a time. It's slowed down my web browsing experience considerably. Granted, it's still fairly fast, but the longer pause is visible and annoying. It forced me to make exceptions to use a facebook login for other sites that I had already authorized. It's telling me that there's somewhere around 19 programs slowing my computer down. Since this last batch of updates, I'm going to say it's avast that's doing it. I'm not letting it anywhere near the optimization button. It's disappointing and frustrating. I've always felt secure with this software, and it was one of the least invasive around. I used to not really know it was there, other than the icon in the tray. Now it's everywhere.

  • Kim M. Young - Fantastic mount - be careful with larger tv installations

    This mount is awesome. We bought two of them this month and mounted my son's smaller tv (not sure dimensions) and our 37" insignia. It is fantastic, gives lots of movement options, and wasn't too difficult to install... except... the one complaint I would have is that if your tv is on the heavier side (our 37" was well within the weight guidelines but is definitely heavy) and you are trying to mount it up higher the last part when you screw the tv into the rail can be very difficult. I was on a small ladder ready to screw in and my husband was on the ground holding it up. The screws and hole at this point are very very tiny and has to be a very precise location to hold it in. Holding this large tv up for so long to match it up so precisely with the spinning bolts above it dropping into the way constantly can be very difficult. If those top screws that changed the angle were in a slightly different place or there was a way to hold them out of the way of this step that would be great. Or if the screw and hole were larger that would also be much easier.

  • Carol Alfred - Payroll

    I love this software. It meets all my needs in running my business. From paying payroll taxes to employees. Love it!

  • MizJones - Very Reliable, Convenient

    I ordered this one to replace my previous unit, which lasted about 2 years. I have horrible back pain and don't want to go back on the pain meds (nothing, I mean NOTHING is worse than opiates) so this has become my go-to remedy. Every evening after working outside on the property most of the day, I slap on the pads and wear this while making dinner and tending to the animals. It's a life saver. I tried the more expensive ones but the units are too large to carry around. This thing hooks onto my belt or jeans pocket, very convenient.

  • Media Man - Some Reviewers R Nuts!

    As a diabetic I wanted ice cream but wanted to control my sugar intake. When I saw the Yonanas featured on my health network page I investigated. The Amazon reviews varied greatly. However, for the price I thought I'd give it a try. LOVE IT! The noise issue is poppycock, fruit remaining in the machine; open it up and spoon it out if don't want to waste two tablespoons of yummy and cleaning is a breeze. Some people must live to complain. The texture and flavor is heavenly. I have a Vitamix and a food processer, neither can duplicate the Yonanas and both are definitely harder to clean and leave residue inside. Forget the hater and give yourself a treat!

  • [email protected] - Factual, an eye-opener and GH works like nothing else.

    We're all looking for answers and we are all trying to accept the fact that we are aging and losing the vibrant health we once had. This book tells you like it is. Open you mind and become aware that there is no need to age to the degree we once did. This book can be the solution to so many of our health issues. Wrinkles, lack of enery, libido, colds, allergies. I've used growth hormone for 8 months and have not had one cold or sinus attack. Have lost all cellulite, toned up my muscles and lost body fat. I'll never stop taking it. I'm 50 years old and before starting GH was about ready to give up. I've got a new life and I plan to feel and look good for many years to come.