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  • Alaina - Culturally insensitive

    Wow! I bought this costume last year and thought it was kinda cute!!!- before I realized it was completely inappropriate and problematic.

  • PriusIV - but a good read of easy commonsense things you can use to ...

    Not expecting the big one, but a good read of easy commonsense things you can use to prepare for emergencys

  • Marianne Gonzales - Not worth the price.

    Not worth the price. The costume has no structure and the material is very cheap. The backpack and hat are just cloth without anything to hold the shape.

  • Grace A - Natural, inexpensive diet supplement

    What I especially love about this diet supplement is that the key ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, is a natural ingredient commonly used in cooking. I will always gravitate towards a supplement with natural ingredients I am familiar with. It's also free of GMO and fillers. I wouldn't say this should be your sole method if you're trying to lose weight, but if you take this along with diet and exercise it should boost your efforts!