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  • missie - Great towel

    Very soft and absorbent . I use it to cool down when working outside. My daughter sneaks it out of the dryer to use as her bath towel. This towel is well made.

  • Chad - This thing is amazing.. pick a station that I wanted and ...

    This thing is amazing.. pick a station that I wanted and BOOOOOOOM came in clear.. love that now I can play my own music and not have to listen to cd's or pay to xm radio.. and also I already have bluetooth in my car where I'm hands free... this purchase was just so I can play my own music.

  • Madeline Distasio - Raw talent at its best

    I've been a Gaga diehard since the second she hit the scene and this is a representation of her raw talent. No filters. Pared-back and reliant on nothing but ability and intuition. Buy it! Thank me later

  • Natasha - Best stroller

    I researched lots of different strollers. I had a sit and stand stroller for a long time but my older two kids are old enough to walk and I needed something more compact and better for a baby. I love this stroller, I can't say enough positive things about it. I love that it glides so smoothly and that it lays almost flat. My baby loves this stroller and is always smiling and giggling when we go for rides. I noticed that some reviewers complained about the teeny storage basket and that there are no cup holders. I was worried about my diaper bag fitting under the stroller but it does. And I just bought the britax storage container with cup holders that strap nicely to the stroller. This stroller is also beautiful.