Anonymous - Anonymous - Bavolex is a natural IBS remedy that treats irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) quickly and effectively. It's scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • Fleeflee - Works but the increase in PRICE is CRAZY!!!!!

    Is the manufacter serious about this price. I have been using this product for 6 months and yes it does work. I have notice a difference but the increase in price to $99 is CRAZY!!!!Who do they think is going to buy this pills. I will not be pruchasing these pills again unless the price goes down. The last time I purchased these pills I paid $45. So the price have went to $99. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!Get a GRIP!!!!The prices have change for the last 6 months since I have been using them but I start paying from $45 to $55..I am going to research the ingredents to find a product much cheaper that will produce the same results. The manufactuer have lost a CUSTOMER with this

  • Granite Countertops - Downgraded

    I was thinking that newer version of the products are always better and improved. Unfortunately, 2013 version of QB is a downgraded one. It is slower. You will always have hard time to get this program running. It waste a lots of my time. I wish we would have a choice to stick with 2010 version. It seems that QB achieved to just make money with this version. It is not about the product but about the money!!!!


    Stay away they do no do anything. No extra energy noting I order this for all the positive review well I guess they are wrong. I'm not a gym junkie or pill junkie I just wanted something to help me get that extra reps, but this didn't work. I'm 5'9 160 pounds so I'm not that overweight just wanted to tone up. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PILL IS A WASTE OF MONEY

  • Marilyn Marshall - as I read/heard how good it was for kittens

    Transfer Factor...Maybe I haven't used this product long enough, but I see no difference in my kittens. I did buy this product for my kittens, as I read/heard how good it was for kittens. I have nothing bad to say asbout this product. Just not sure it's helping me for what I use it for. Thanks

  • Murrill - Nothing new & not very healthy

    I was, unfortunately, caught up in the fervor of the holiday season and a new year, so there I was, eagerly awaiting the arrival on 12/29/09 of what I hoped would be my salvation: The Belly Fat Cure. Yes, I knew that sugar was bad, and the only reason I gave this book two stars is that it identified some hidden sugars. I will probably continue to refer to the sugar/carb ratings in the back. However, a diet or lifestyle that gives license to unlimited proteins while curtailing vegetables is not healthy by any standard. I found it difficult to count the sugars & carbs, and by mid-afternoon I had nearly "spent" my limit. I felt heavy, my digestion suffered, and I lacked energy. The "carb swap" section---very seductive with full color photos & one "carb swap" per page, by the way---was not particularly helpful to me since the majority of the restaurants featured do not exist in my locale. Why not compare a Subway sub and its salad equivalent? Or since many of the products had high sugar contents due to sauces, how about letting us know how many sugar points we can save by eliminating them? This section was just filler. Stick with South Beach for better balance and more responsible advice. The fact that Jorge Cuisine keeps coming out with new plans should have alerted me that it is all about marketing, not about health. Does he have something going with McDonald's, Taco Bell, and KFC?