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  • Drew - The best gaming experiences of my life

    The best gaming experiences of my life. World War I has been shown in a new light! Everything is stunning graphically and the historical accuracy is amazing! Love this game to death.

  • tommerjc - Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat

    I do hot yoga 3-4 times a week (hatha & power). This mat works great! It does not move around. I also bought the gaiam yoga towel because of the heat. I do not slip at all when I use both of these. If you do hot yoga you should be using a towel on your mat anyway. This is the best mat for the price and its thicker. I will order another to keep in my car for spur of the moment classes.

  • Dr. Alex - disappointed

    I have sciatica, lumar disk herniation, and pain, so I thought let's try this out! It did NOT work, te little bit of heat from the machine may help some, but light pain relief is not to the level I hoped it would be. Light, sound, smells are necessary for a relaxed, sound body & mind, but this device did NOT work for me.

  • The Other Me Again - Worth It For Me

    This thing has relieved the pain of my severe nighttime leg cramps, stopped the intense shock-like neuropathic nerve spasms in my feet, released the limited mobility and pain of a "tennis elbow", and even helped to heal a badly infected maxillary sinus.

  • Emma - Dark and Moody A very good read

    I did not think I would enjoy this dark romance between an older man and a young girl (she is 18 and he is in his 30's). However I became captivated during the first chapter. I could not stop reading the book. The story line was complex, dark and quick paced. The plot took many twists and turns to excite the reader. I would not recommend this to everyone. Only to those who enjoy a dark moody story.

  • Bruce - I rate this horrible software a "zero"

    I recently purchased Roxio Creator 2011. I read the reviews and the negative reviews were written months ago. I thought that Roxio would improve their product. They released a service pack in September, 2010. Warning! This software is the WORST software I have EVER purchased. I have used PCs and associated software for thirty years. I started with Adaptec Eascy CD v 3.5 and have bought several versions. This version, 2011, is the WORST that they have produced. I have purchased over 100 different commercial programs.

  • indieblack - For Introduction to Technology in Information Professions

    This book is excellent! It's not the current edition, but if you are at all familiar with computers, you should be fine. It covers many topics in detail with short, digestible paragraphs. This book was not required, but suggested for the course. However, I am really happy that I purchased it, as it will help me with the basics in other tech classes (I plan on taking a programming class, and this has some basic definitions.)