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  • keplertwostars - not a good buy

    The plastic is very hard with a textured surface, and their large plastic nameplate is not welcome, as I just wanted a comfortable mat. The hard surface is even further from a comfortable carpet that the car starts with. The fit of the molded pieces is OK but the overall size is too small to cover all the area one's shoes will be touching, such as the entry side and up into the foot well, which is pretty cheap for an expensive mat. Also, strangely for such a stiff material, the mats seem sticky and difficult to clean compared to a good quality rubber mat. The only possibly good feature is if you spill a drink squarely onto the small mat, it might be contained due to the upraised edges, which my wife likes, but the driver's side snaps holding the mat in place might leak? And those snaps make it difficult to take the mat in & out. What happened to good old heavy rubber mats?

  • momof2boys - good product

    The product is very effective. I have used it for two weeks and I can already see visible difference. I recommend that this product is used at least twice a day for maximum benefit. It depends on severity of your condition but twice should be enough to see visible results in two weeks. There are many friends who recommended this product and once I tried, I was sold. The product is made in the US and hence it has highest quality standards. I have seen other products from other countries that tend to cause some side effects but with this products there were no side effects. Change should be witnessed within few weeks. But please like any product give it time too because nothing can work in one day. It is important that product is used consistently to see maximum results.

  • Thomas M. Spence - Very comprehensive view of material

    This is a good guide to Access. It is particularly likely to be valuable to data bas novices who have no prior experience with designing a data base with many tables and relationships.

  • Deborah K johnson - Less than one star and a five star rash

    I carefully followed directions for Nerium. Three to five pumps applied to damp skin. I also listened to the video instructions saying not to worry if I experienced tingling, claiming that was normal. Boy do I wish I had not listened to that video now. I only used the product for eight days. That slight tingling turned into a red burn and rash over my lip/under my nose. Almost three weeks after stopping use of the product that rash is still there. I already had my internist prescribe an ointment to help clear up this rash. No luck. Upon my internist's recommendation, I am going to see a dermatologist to see what else I can do to soothe my skin. Small solace but the rash it also left under my eyebrow is not as awful as it was a few weeks ago-- but you can still see it. The area above my lip? Bad as it was close to three weeks ago. Can I tell you exactly how much I HATE this product?

  • Treesh - Good movie fun

    Yea, the storyline is a little mediocre (and occasionally just plain ridiculous). I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty certain there as some major inaccuracies here. I kind of just don't care. This is a fun movie to watch. I love disaster movies and this one crams several large-scale natural disasters into one movie with awesome special effects. I don't watch movies like this to analyze their scientific merit. Even the story-line is kind of secondary for me in a disaster movie. 2012 gets 5 stars from me. 4-stars for all the stuff blowing up, falling down, and getting smashed into by tornados. 1-star for the addition of Woody Harrelson.

  • Love!!! addicting!!! Def keeps my mind sharp!! - SO AMAZING!! perfect for imperfections!

    This stuff is AMAZING!! I have rosacea, and even with the thickest concealer and foundation, you can see the redness creeping through. I applied tiny amount of this ONLY on my redness and blended, did not HAVE to put foundation over it, and my face looked GREAT!!! This will be my go to from now on instead of foundation!! Perfect for someone who hates wearing makeup all the time!!

  • Rick Longstreth - Great product and flavor but a bit of advice...

    Great product and tastes fantastic! I've been using the Caramel Toffee Fudge flavor of this product and I'm extremely satisfied. I will suggest that prior to making the actual purchase that you consider adding the size and flavor that they are considered to your wish list to monitor the prices. I have seen the price fluctuate by as much as 25%. Wait until the price reaches an acceptable amount and then make your purchase. There is nothing more irritating than to buy something and then the next day see that the price you paid yesterday was 25% more than the price listed today.