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  • Amazon Customer - It REALLY works for me

    I have been using only Thermofit for 2 1/2 months and I have lost 18 pounds. At first I did have mild cramping and direhea but this only lasted for about three days. I have not changed my diet but I have noticed that my ability to eat large portions has deminished. I have not implemented any exercise other than normal everyday physical activity. For the past week I have weighed myself every morning and this week alone I have been losing 1/2 a day!! I can handle that!! Right now I am 218 pounds and my goal is 170. If things keep going in this direction I will surely reach my goal before the end of the year.

  • Moonglows Mom - Quite Pleased with Kaspersky

    I'm only sorry that I didn't choose a 5 user package. It seems to do a fine job without slowing the machine down. I have labored with anti-virus products that are so slow I have been thoroughly exasperated with their effect on my use of the machine. Kaspersky doesn't seem to do this, although occasionally I am bewildered by pages it suggests that I not view because they are 'fishing' sites. I just go about getting the information from a different page, but it always surprises me when it does this. It does have a tendency to remind me why I have an anti-virus package though. As long as you remember that it will try to update itself first, don't try to turn on your machine and go, turn it on and go get your coffee. Then it will be updated and you won't be annoyed. It really doesn't take long to update though, seems to be leaner or better written than some other programs.

  • SheilaMc - Review from the wife - Beware!

    My husband took Ageless male for 6 weeks. Over the course of this time the only positive thing he gained was muscle mass in his traps. The NEGATIVE effects were complete loss of affection, irritability, sex drive was gone (had sex twice in 6 weeks - before about once-twice a week), massive headaches, stomach bloat, minor weight gain and elevated blood pressure. My husband is a Type 2 Diabetic. After repeatedly seeing the TV ad's he decided to try it. He stopped it 5 days ago and its still working out of his system. He's normally an affectionate man, on this crap just kissing him good bye for work was irritating to him.

  • ausweazl - Dog's breakfast

    It made an excellent liner for my bird cage. I love seeing my rainbow parakeets taking a dump on his head