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  • Kristen Miller - Brilliant for the low price.

    Made of plastic, build quality is decent. The head straps are made of elastic so will fit comfortably on your head, they are comfortable to wear with no issues at all.

  • StormyBlue - I love that it has info about other dates and holidays

    I buy one every year. I love that it has info about other dates and holidays, rituals, poems, history lessons... pretty informative little book!

  • Allan LeTourneau - Improvements Needed

    I have used Back2Life for 4 or 5 years now. The concept to very good and it works much better if you take a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory about an hour or two prior to use. You can then feel the vertebrae popping in your neck. Then you know that you are getting full benefit. It is very disappointing in that they have not improved this product in recent years. I have bought these for each of my 4 children and recently I used a new one while visiting my daughter. It is still very difficult to adjust the height and the feet of the pedestal fall off while you try to adjust the height. My wife will not use it unless I adjust the height for her. As a result, she does not use it as often as she should because often it is set for my height. For all the millions of these that have been sold, you would expect them to improve the product periodically.

  • Amazon Customer - old stretch marks.

    best product I ever tried for my stretch marks, it runs really fast and it's a bit pricey but it does miracles.

  • Amazon Customer - Good product

    Used with unsweetened almond milk and taste like a shake when cinnamon & nutmeg added. When blended prpoerly it has a smoothe taste.

  • geo jones - Very quirky robot and fun to play with

    I gotta say this little guy was delivered to my door yesterday and I spent about an hour playing with him. Very quirky robot and fun to play with. I know the more you play with him he will learn more thanks to the on board AI. I am rather impressed he was easy to set up and data is held on your device and robot securly. Almost pet / human like in a way.

  • eejaydubya - Pretty good overall.

    I jumped on ordering on of these to replace my first gen X1 for the simple reason that Bluetooth support was added. I use a Bose SoundLink Mini to play music at work or when I venture forth from my computer as well as a pair of VModa Crossfade Wireless headphones (for everything) so it seemed like a no brainer to me.