Humana Wants to Close the Gap Between People and Care - There is a gap between you and the healthcare you deserve. So it’s time to simplify. At Humana, we’ve started to close the gap. See how.

  • It’s Time to Close the Gap by Making Care Simpler - Humana is working to simplify physician paperwork and introduce new healthcare innovations that make care more effective and accessible.
  • See What Humana is Doing to Close the Gap - To close the gap between people and care, Humana is simplifying things. So your healthcare is less about process and more about you.
  • People Are Talking About Healthcare And Humana Is Listening - To simplify the way we do things, Humana asked people like you how they saw the gap between people and care. Their answers were revealing.
  • See the News+Trends Topics Humana is Following - As Humana works to close the gap between people and care, we’re taking advantage of the latest ideas in health and technology.
  • How Do You Stay Healthy? See Topics Humana Is Following - Learn about the ideas and innovations Humana is tracking that can help you make healthy choices every day.
  • See the Family Health Topics Humana is Following - See the tools, topics, and inspiration Humana is tracking to help you look out for the health of everyone in your family.
  • Check out the Innovations Humana is Following - Learn about the innovations in healthcare and technology that Humana is tracking as we simplify things, to bring you the best of the best.
  • See the Workplace Wellness Topics Humana Is Following - Check out the ideas and innovations that Humana is following in order to help people be healthier and happier at work -- and everywhere.
  • Humana Helps Seniors Continue to Live in Their Own Homes - Humana provides the care people need when they can no longer safely live at home without someone to help look after them.
  • Closing the Gap Between People and Care in Mississippi - In 2014, 36 out of 82 counties in Mississippi had no health insurance option on the federal exchange. Humana stepped in and closed the gap.
  • Fighting diabetes with a dose of health insurance - Cristina’s husband was diagnosed with diabetes. With no health insurance, he was wasting away – until Humana offered them affordable coverage.
  • Humana at Home – Helping one family care for their mother at home - Rose’s children wanted to help their mother continue to live at home. But they needed help. Humana at Home eased the burden.
  • Humana Personal Nurses on Healthcare in America – Humana Associates Give Health Advice - We asked Humana Personal Nurses how they're improving healthcare, providing better care for patients with chronic conditions, their best advice for members, and more.
  • Personal nurses – Putting the care back into healthcare - Ralph was struggling to control his diabetes. A Humana personal nurse helped him get his health back.
  • The Humana Health Insurance App Closes the Gap Between People & Care - MyHumana puts all your healthcare information online in one simple, secure place. Discover the difference on our health insurance app.
  • Women in Health Series: Chung - Jerry the plush toy bear with Type 1 diabetes teaches kids how to manage their disease.
  • 6 Online Games That Help Researchers Find Cures - Humana - Researchers sift through volumes of data to discover cures for common diseases, and by playing an online game, non-experts can help.
  • Future of nanotechnology in medicine - Nanorobotics released in the bloodstream could identify diseases before they start.
  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy - What motivates you? Can you be happy for 100 consecutive days? Check out these methods to improve your mood.
  • A Whole Lotta Tough Love! - What motivates you? Turns out some people respond well to negative reinforcement.
  • RxMentor® from Humana: Closing the Gap Between People and Care - Find out how the Humana RxMentor program gives people one-on-one help to make taking prescription drugs safer and more affordable.
  • For Humana members, small steps are leading to big changes - From quitting smoking to losing weight, Humana wellness programs are guiding members to healthier lives
  • Humana At Home: How Humana is Closing the Gap Between People & Care - See the customized in-home care management options Humana At Home offers to help seniors keep living at home for as long as possible.

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    I like the maps, the personal walks that he plans, and the details of how to get to the places you have read about...e.g. where to park or what bus to take. I have even logged into his website and downloaded the audio files for descriptions of art in the museums we visited.

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    COLOR ZAP IS STRONGER! I do like this product don't get me wrong. I did a test to see which is better by using OOPS on my extensions and COLOR ZAP on my hair. Both were dyed the same color ( a dark red almost a merlot) and OOPS definitely lightened the hair but not as much as I had hoped for. It was also annoying having to wash the hair at least 4 times (the more you wash the more color comes out). But I used a lot of shampoo and the color was not the end result I'd hoped for. On my head I used COLOR ZAP but before putting it on I used COCONUT OIL all through my hair and put the COLOR ZAP on over it. (I read about someone doing it because some people had issues with their hair being dry after). I have to say it was a total success my hair is a very light orange and blonde in some parts, now very easy to cover over. It also does not feel dried out or damaged at all. But do be sure to NOT PUT IT ON YOUR ROOTS, it does lighten them.

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