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  • Olivia - My cat nearly died from this product

    I originally gave this product 5 stars because it seemed to be a miracle solution for my 11yr old male Maine Coon. He gets terrible fleas and even drops had stopped working. This got rid of his fleas, but something much worse eventually happened. We started noticing that he was drinking and eating constantly but wasn't getting fat, if anything he seemed skinnier. We took him to the vet for the senior lab panel that the vet had recommended at his yearly checkup earlier this year. First off, we were astonished that he had dropped from 9 to 6.6 lbs!!! We thought maybe it was diabetes, but that was ruled out, along with kidney failure, thyroid, and just about everything else. The vet was stumped.

  • jjkabiros - Ouch!!

    Let me begin by saying that whenever I feel an infection coming on I use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide to rinse out the vagina and follow it by either the refresh gel or a Fem dophilus pill inserted inside. That has always worked for me, but I decided to try this product instead thinking it would be better balanced for my body. Immediately after using it my vagina didn't feel "right". Next day I had a full blown yeast infection that took almost a month to get rid of. I've NEVER had such a painful and uncomfortable infection. I know this is not supposed to be a "cure", but I really didn't expect what happened! Every woman's body is different and will react in different ways so hopefully this is only my reaction, but I will never use it again lol

  • R. Laroe - not as good as I had hoped

    I had multiple scratches on my new car from the plastic coated handbars ofmy kids bikes. I read in Consumer Reports that this was the best product out there for scratch removal and it did not help at all. Maybe my scratches were too deep. I didn't hurt anything but it sure did not help,either

  • Amazon Customer - Blown Away! But be careful.

    I love this item. I have an old iPhone 4 and it picked it up right away. I am blown away listening to music as I write this review right now. The 2 main reasons I bought this item is the Magnet Attraction feature and the price. I haven't tried listening under water The buds do not fall out of my ears. The volume control is very cool. I have not used it for calls yet but I bought this for music, not calls. Overall I am very impressed and definitely recommend this item. It is well worth what I paid but do not lose the yellow rubber things or you will be screwed.