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  • Clinically Depressed Pug - myseri: I hate it when people say they have... - myseri: “ I hate it when people say they have recovered from depression. I mean I’m happy, good for them, but the wording bothers me. It makes it sound like they are getting over a cold. “I took some...
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  • Clinically Depressed Pug - catsdefensesquad: out of all the shit im... - catsdefensesquad: “ out of all the shit im professionally diagnosed with (bipolar (with mania and psychotic symptoms), dissociative disorder (not otherwise specified), bpd, adhd, chronic depression) i...
  • Clinically Depressed Pug - I constantly disappointed my parents, teachers,... - “I constantly disappointed my parents, teachers, friends, and employers, and I had no answer for their chiding. The things I had to do—pay bills, renew services, fill out forms, make appointments,...”
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  • Rachel Henderson - Microsoft did a good job with it

    Microsoft did a good job with it. I added Windows 7 style start button and it's perfect. As for VMs, I use VMWare for that, it's not really an issue for me. But it was too expensive for me so I searched around and bought one cheaper from DanGiftShopOne com

  • Joanna Sztuba Solinska - and so far these two did great on my post-pregnancy skin

    This product works very well on my skin. It leaves it smooth and even, and on top of that it has a pleasant smell (sunflower seeds?). One bottle last over two months with everyday use. I already bought another one! I use this in combination with CLNS lotion, and so far these two did great on my post-pregnancy skin. Thank you POM!

  • Daniel - Take heed America

    All Americans need to know this. The American media should spend more time discussing and exploring the effects of cyber warfare on American politics and government.

  • Robert Iversen - You cannot beat the price... get it for thinning hair!

    I have slowed down my hair loss with this stuff. It did not grow any back but it did thicken up my hair and prevent the rapid hair loss I was experiencing. That makes it worth it. If you are already bald, buy a razor or clippers to keep your head trimmed... don't buy this and expect a miracle.

  • Robert Casale - An aid to those with arthritis

    I cannot truly evaluate this product yet because I've only consummed two cans and the results are sketchy at this time. I don't feel any relief but the maker said it reinforces itself over time. We shall see. It's a mixture of Glucosamine and Chondroitin and has additional vitamins to help your immune system. The flavor is Peach Mango and it tastes pretty good. I hope it works because my knees need some major rejuvenation.