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  • Kirk - The shampoo/wash itself is excellent, the bottle could use a reworking

    This is all I use for showering my boys. It lathers up real nice, gets their hair and body clean like it should and best of all doesn't leave them smelling like a old department store perfume counter.

  • Irene - Almost 'Joyful'!!!

    I absolutely love the music upbeat and uplifting. It made a great change to all the old hymns folks sang in church and that people had trouble remembering. Today's 'church' music holds so much more promise.

  • Terry W. Jordan - Vague instructions, hard to understand

    I've been playing the guitar and singing in working bands for over 40 years but never learned to play lead guitar (someone else always did that). So I figured if there is something this inexpensive out there that can help me improve my playing, I owe it to myself to try it. Let me re-emphasize, I am ALREADY a decent guitar player with a good knowledge of chords, progressions, notes, etc. and this program is difficult for me to comprehend. There are numerous instances where you cannot really understand what you are supposed to do, and I'm not calling support every time I try to use the program, ya know? I haven't given up on it quite yet, but it's no longer a priority for me.

  • Mario Grillo - Change Your Life in a Week!

    All right, can I say this will work for every human on Earth? Of course not. As for me, a white/Italian American, who suffered for YEARS with redness, itchiness, and unsightliness on my cheeks, but specifically under my chin and entire neck after shaving, Tend Skin works for me. The summer was the absolute worst because of all the sweating I suffered through. You see, I worked at summer camps for many years as an Arts & Crafts counselor with no air conditioning in the cabins. It was no Camp Mohawk, that's for sure. It was definitely a Camp North Star. (Google it!) Anyway, the ugliness and irritation was just part of my daily life. All until a new friend named Abe turned me on to this product he had been using called Tend Skin. He told me it worked for him and it worked ridiculously well. He told me this over an order of fried pickles, of all things, "Dude, get it. It's a little expensive," he said, "but it's worth it. As I listened to him, scratching my fugly red neck I made the wise decision to give it a try. All I can truthfully say is that Tend Skin CHANGED MY LIFE. In less than a week all the redness and itchiness I had lived with for all of my post-puberty life completely disappeared. Gone. In it's place was healthy skin-colored skin. Just imagine my surprise and elation? For the tip of a lifetime I bought my friend Abe a fire-engine red Ferrari. As for the "little expensive" comment, you cannot put a price on the self confidence you acquire with such a drastic positive change in one's appearance. Meeting girls in bars multiplied tenfold back then. Today, I hold my head up high and have thankfully put behind me all the weirdness and depression that having such a condition creates in our simple human minds. Get it? Get it! It's a little expensive but you truly do not need to use much at all to get the desired results. Buy the smallest bottle possible to see if I am making any of this up. Except for the buying Abe the Ferrari thing. That's total baloney. Heh!

  • yogideb - Terrific book! Never read this author before but could ...

    Terrific book! Never read this author before but could not put this book down. I have now started the Joe Dillard series and am enjoying that just as much as this novel. Pratt is as good as Grisham, and writes a great tale, suspenseful, yet with a touch of humor. I look forward to reading all his novels.