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  • V. Whisenand - seems to help

    It's really too soon to tell if this form of exercise is helping me but the instructions are clear, the video is good and it comes ASSEMBLED, which is a big plus for me. It's sturdy, too, something that little blue one on TV is not. I put it in the living room so I can work out during the evening and still watch television.

  • Flavia and Stephen - Excellent product

    The product is excellent and of all the other places we looked it was by far the less expensive. We recommend it!

  • Kelsee Pomeroy - very unhappy...

    so I bought this book new and when I got it it was damaged. I paid 90 dollars for a new book that is damaged.

  • G Hubert - A diabetic best friend

    As a diabetic, this product is my best friend. I have been using this product for 13 years approximately. It helps me to live a better quality life. Helps to improve circulation and nerve pain relief. I highly recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - not the same as my previous bottle bought in store

    i bought my first one in Ulta but since they no longer carry it i found it here and decided to purchase. i have to say that the formula although it smells the same, doesnt do what the first one i had did. i dont know if it's been diluted or mixed with something but the effect is nowhere near to what the first bottle i bought at the store did. i would not repurchase again

  • Amazon Customer - exvellent and natural

    Excellent and natural. I used this on all of my kitties AND was very happy with the results. Flea issue was resolved quickly.

  • Amazon Customer - For suckers.

    Beware this shady game. Like all, they start off enticing with wins and bonuses but it's not long before the greed sets in. Play for leisure but Iadvised not to purchase coin packs, they will get more costly. One tactic they use is that they will slowly remove the lower price coin packages, while adding more expensive ones to the top of the list. I started off being able to buy 2.99 pack (the most expensive was $29.99), now the lowest is 79.99 (most expensive $999.99). Save you money and play a nice puzzle game instead of mindlessly pushing a button to give these vultures your money. Or not. It's your money. (then it's theirs and you have nothing to show for it)