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    City: 30.5233 , Ukraine

  • Michelle Irene - You get what you pay for.

    I bought 2 and they only worked for 3 months. Difficult to sync with my POS System and if you switched the port you had to go throught the entire process again. Tried to make contact with seller but just got the runaround. Very disappointed.

  • Charley - Excellent magazine, initially very impressed with new format but ...

    Excellent magazine, initially very impressed with new format but why is it so slow in changing pages? Use it on Fire HDX 9 in. and the HD smaller model. I expect it takes some time to get used to. Read The Economist magazine which is much simplier and more like a regular magazine. Contents rate 5 stars, ease of use 3 stars.

  • Shannon Lawson - Don't even bother with it

    If I could offer -5 stars I would. The product was offered as a tag-along with my very expensive computer purchase from Best Buy. The keycode on the back of the case would not work to install the software. The customer service chat agent was immediately rude and unpleasant. I will stick with the free versions, thanks for nothing Webroot.

  • medsmon - Finale 2012 - Buggy, buggy, buggy!!!

    I had been using PrintMusic for a number of years, and back ~2 years ago FInale 2012 came out with a short-term ~$120 upgrade offer vs. what was normally a much more expensive upgrade. "Why not?", I thought, wanting to create accompaniment that sounded much better than PrintMusic MIDI sounds, and hoping that some bugs in PrintMusic would certainly be fixed by now. Well, I found out why not. I have never in my career as a SW engineer found a commercial piece of software with more bugs than this potentially top-notch program.