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  • Concerned lady - Surprised & happy: it works!

    My husband and I thought it might be a scam, but the Light Relief was affordable, so we took a chance, and bought it. I find that it really works. It decreases arthritic pains.

  • Mrs. Alive - Great basic mud mask for clearing pores.

    This did a really excellent job of pulling all the gunk out of the pores on my nose and chin and making them appear smaller. It also didn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight afterwards, which is pretty major for me since my skin is very, very dry. The ingredients list several quality oils, including jojoba, so that's probably why. Usually when using a new mask or product I end up with a zit or two, but I've had no breakout at all with this mask. I love it!

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't work.

    Simply does not work. Phone will not recognize the module, even after restarting. The phone can recognize that a headphone device is being plugged in, I get a warning about having the sound too loud, but the app tells me to plug in my device. I am sure it is some sort of software incompatibility, but I don't really want to deal with that.

  • Mark West - Hey! What's Not To Like?

    Imperial Legionaries...Elves...Dwarves....nasty, rotten rebels lead by the blackest of evils. Well written and well plotted. Made for the readers of John Ringo, Glen Cook, Marc Kloos, Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow. One warning....there are only three books so far and you know what that means. We'll have to go to the whip hand to speed up production. That's the trouble with writers. Always busy writing but slow on the finish. More, sugar! Please!

  • Janet Jeffries - Starbrite Tropical Teak Oil Sealer

    After spending far too much time cleaning and re-oiling the teak on my 1988 Catalina 27 last summer, I was desperate to find a product that would keep my teak from turning gray-black and requiring maintenance every other week. Not a fan of the shiny, shellacked varnish look, and liking the appearance of the teak immediately after I'd oiled it (orangeish-brown color) with traditional teak oil, a salesperson at a local boating store told me about the Starbrite. It contains an oil to protect the teak, but also a sealer to help prohibit the growth of molds and mildew. He'd been using it on his boat and liked it better than other teak sealers because it seemed to result in a more natural teak color. He also said he only has to recoat once a year (clean teak, brighten to original peachy color, and add 1 or 2 coats of the Starbrite).

  • cindy - The game itself is great, I just don't trust the seller to sell ...

    Game keeps freezing! The game itself is great, I just don't trust the seller to sell used items. They didn't test this one very well. That being said, I think Just Dance 4 and 5 both have better selections of songs, also the background graphics can be distracting on this one.

  • Paul Jameson - Great waterproof pouch!

    I really like how easy it is to open and close this protective case, and it has protected my phone so far. I haven't used it in water yet, but it should be ok. I attached a Smatree GoPro floaty to the back of it so that if and when I use it near water, if I drop it, it will hopefully float back to the surface.