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  • MommypantsPA - The Best!

    Anyone who has a candida overgrowth needs to use this. ReNew Life products are the best I've found. I love it!

  • Info searcher - Very concerned citizen

    This is an excellent book. Information has been available through the years on the Clintons. The fraud and horrible corruption is beyond comprehension! Many of us are at a loss how in a country like ours, the USA, anyone can get away with the horrible crimes committed by these people!!!! People who vote for Hillary this year are buying their own peril as our country will be finished!!! A vote for her indicates how little respect you have for this country and your own family!! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND OBSERVE WHAT IS SO HANDILY OUT THERE FOR ANYONE TO SEE. This book really is informative about the email fiasco and many other facts. All the scandalous smearing of Mr. Trump to keep him from winning this election is just appalling after what Hillary has done to us and foreign countries.

  • Honest Opinion - I like the fact that there is no deodorizer so nothing ...

    Bought this to go in my AC closet. Is working as I have went from a noticeably musty smell to a faint musty smell. I like the fact that there is no deodorizer so nothing is being masked. I had only used the little tubs that had a perforated lid on top and a space in the borttom of the tub for the water to drain to. I could poor off the excess water and refill as needed. I could also gauge how much water was being collected. Unable to do that with this Hi-Capacity container as it has a non removable paper top (huge do not remove all over it lol) I can also not tell how much water has collected as does not appear to have space at the bottom for the drainage. This is more a place and forget container.