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CenCro – Centro Carioca de Reabilitação Oral - Fundada há mais de 20 anos, o CenCro sempre buscou oferecer aos seus pacientes um atendimento humanizado, exclusivo e personalizado, aliado aos mais modernos conhecimentos, técnicas e tecnologia de ponta disponível na Odontologia.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • ellafan - Cooks like a dream...but cylindrical plastic tower/tub...

    ...doesn't last. I used my first NW oven for a year.Very,very happy with it. Easy to use.Cooks all manner of food wonderfully well. I have no problems with performance. However,I had to replace the plastic(acrylic?) "tub" because the first one simply broke. I did nothing to damage it.I just fell apart one day. So I ordered a second "tub." Which worked great for about 6 months,then it too, just fell to pieces. Both tubs had been taken good care of. I don't understand why they broke! I am very sad because I so loved my NW and told all of my friends about how much I loved it. But now...I guess I will have to go to a stainless steel toaster oven. Stainless steel will be harder to break.

  • Amazon Customer - Rock The block

    This thing is a clear choice, i have many Bluetooth speakers and this one takes the cake. The housing is built very well, the bass and treble is damn good, volume goes to 28, inside the house i put it on 12 and that filled my entire living section up with a nice sound, outside the house i leveled it to the the max, no distortion and the bass still rocked but that was a test and its very loud, volume outside on 18 or 20 is pretty reasonable. the radio is louder then the Bluetooth, volume on 12 outside seriously rocks.

  • C. Shand - Terrible

    I bought Roxio Creator 2009 only two years ago and I was happy with it. Just bought a new computer and found out that Creator 2009 is incompatible with Windows 7. Disappointing. I waited a few weeks for Creator 2011 to come out and bought it. I had no problem loading Roxio Creator 2011. It just wouldn't work once I installed it. VideoWave kept crashing. The program would shut down while encoding movies. When I would try to copy DVDs, I would get an error message saying my disc may be dirty. (The discs I was trying to copy were pristine). The online support forum suggested some fixes, but nothing worked. I returned the software and got my money back.

  • hellojoe - Feels like a hiking boot, looks like a work boot.

    I travel around to different construction sites regularly and this fits the bill, because I spend more of the day traveling to sites than working when I get there. Steel toes don't work well for hiking and hiking boots do not look like safety boots when you are on site.