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  • Lesha - Easy to assemble and works well, but hard to clean

    The trampoline is well built and assembly is a bit easier than other models - enclosure poles just fit into dedicated slots rether than being clamped to the legs. Also, attaching net to the enclosure poles is very simple and straightforward.

  • pattiloveskincare - no high shine no plumping effect

    Lip plumping no. Not a thing!! Also the applicator is kinda dry when u put the gloss on. It took several times to get the product on my lips. The color Angelina is a beautiful color once u get it on. Lip plumping no. I have full lips and I use Victoria's secret lip plumper and I get a shiny fuller looking lip Also Fusion lip plumper works. Just really not a lip plumper not even super glossy. Its ok for day use over another color or alone for a natural look. Its a bare shimmering beige. Just not really happy with this at all!! What a waste of money

  • John - Felt more calm at work on the computer even with constant distractions.

    I experienced the effects of "Earthing" first hand when I was at a naturopathic doctors conference. I had broken my arm and it hurt pretty bad. I took a thermal image of my arm to see my blood flow in the area and it didnt look so good. I then wore an earthing blanket wrapped around me for about 30 minutes. I then went back to the booth with the thermal image camera and saw a major improvment on the thermal image as well as the pain was less in my arm due to the earthing that had helped my body to heal.

  • sarahjm - Super fun

    An easy, interesting read through random facts for people who like that sort of thing (like me). Most impressive though was how well the book flowed. Each story was connected even though the topics range all over the place and I never felt jarred by a sudden change of subject, nor did the author have to partition the book into topical sections, which is both limiting and cumbersome.

  • SHAUN MCKENNA - Real cotton treat

    I expected the material of the mask to be papery, but it was a real cotton! I have been fooled by a couple of products that said cotton yet never felt like it was. Since I am one of those sheet mask freak, I ended up ordering one just to try something new. I am not disappointed by my purchase. This one was not only soft and enfolding, it was full of vitalization that I never experienced before. It feels comfortable while you put it on. Afterwards, you will be delighted to have that soft and clear skin. No redness, no irritation and no breakouts. Minimizes black spots and wrinkles in a dramatic way. I will definitely buy more of these masks.

  • Adria Raphael - It's really great and i would recommend it to those who have ...

    I have really sensitive skin - it's hard for me use any lotions or cleanser without breaking out or getting rashy. I was hesisant to try this but i want to brighten too! and I read that it's very non-irritating. So I tried it and it doesn't bother my skin at all. At all. and it's hyper-moisturizing. It's really great and i would recommend it to those who have sensitive skin like me.

  • Dale I. Patterson - Would not recommend this product

    Used this item over and over now, and the spider web is still appearing, on my outside cctv camera. Constant battle, between me and the spider. The spider is winning....Would not recommend this product.