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  • brickheadcmr - Buy It - worth the price VERY Accurate BP Monitor

    This is a great little machine and the app is perfect for keeping track of your BP. It holds a charge for weeks but is really easy to charge with your iPhone charger anyway. It reads very accurately and gets rid of that paper log you can never find. I have tested the accuracy at the doctors office and it measures the same. This is my second one... I dropped the first and it stopped working so be careful with the base it will break if you drop it.

  • Felix The CAT - LAST OF ITS KIND!

    The last of the corded razors! As thin and light as they could possibly make it. Handle with care as a hard drop on ceramic tile will kill it! Blades are sharp Shave quality is good.

  • William J. Greenwell - and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim ...

    They fit quite well, and look REALLY good. Not so sure about the "no drill" claim though. All the bolt holes line up great. But on the rear flaps, the little adhesive strips didn't hold at all. (Even though I cleaned the metal very well) So, I drilled a 1/8" hole, like the instructions said to do, and the Phillips head screw (provided) would not go through. So of course the screw head stripped out. Ended up using my own hex- headed screw, ( painted black ), and now everything OK. They do fit very well, and look really good, just a little more work than I thought.

  • Sibelius - Liking the look and feel (medium-length, male hair)

    If you've ever been curious about Fekkai hair care products, this particular glossing starter kit is a more than adequate way to give these high-end hair products a try. This 3 piece set is meant to bring a glossed, shiny look to your hair and comes with a pleasant smelling shampoo, conditioner and a tube of styling cream. Note that the shampoo/conditioner come in 4 ounce bottles while the cream is 2 ounces.

  • Karl S. - Good for simple return but improvements needed for easy entry of more complex data

    In previous years I have used TurboTax Business and wanted to give this a try. If I only had to do a simple return, this would be fine. Because I have over 75 stock transactions it is essential to be able to import all this data and a nightmare to type it all in by hand. This will import data from my previous PDF file saved from TurboTax but it will not import any data from Fidelity. This makes it completely useless. I had to go back to T-Tax. All data from my 1099's had to be typed in even though providers were the same as last year. These should automatically come up with current numbers blank so only the numbers need to be filled in if used.

  • Jesus - I just give this one star,

    I just give this one star, I knew already its not wood its almost like the ouija in the movie except its smaller and not wood and it's just card board with a sticker stuck on it and I wouldn't recommend this one the sticker feels like sand paper you can't even move the point/planchette freely, if it doesn't matter to y'all I recommend the winning moves classic ouija it's sturdy cardboard and is hard feels like it could be wood and it's the Parker brothers design but the board is small like monopoly.