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  • Evan Mills - I wanted an upgrade from the Logitech G400 I had been using for years and this was such a nice step up

    I adore this mouse. I wanted an upgrade from the Logitech G400 I had been using for years and this was such a nice step up. I charge it about once a week. I play a LOT of overwatch (main Widowmaker/Tracer) and I genuinely feel like my aim has improved somehow. I'm getting an average 3 extra kills per game due to my improved accuract. I don't know if it's the sensor, the shape/grip, who knows. But I have definitely improved. Amazing for a wireless mouse.

  • Amazon Customer - Questionable

    We bought these mud guards. There wasn't any installation instruction in the package. We had to look up on line. It fits well. However, the mudguards look differently from what's shown in the picture. In the picture, the mudguards have two color tones. NOT these. They are pure black. We are wondering if these are from previous models?? Any other customers have the same issue?? It would be nice if we got the two tone ones because it will match well with the interior.

  • J. Allis - So far, so good

    I have pet parrots and a mouse problem. These things are probably related, but makes dealing with the mice difficult because 1: I don't like inhumane traps and poisons and 2: most of the remaining options for dealing with mice are potentially hazardous to sensitive birdie lungs and curious beaks.

  • G. Crocca - didn't receive mount in photo; pain to install

    The mount I received is different from the mount in the photo, so I'm not sure if my review is relevant. Overall, so far it seems to be good quality, especially for the price. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust the landscape leveling. My tv is a little crooked and I haven't found a way to fix it. (The bar on the wall is straight according to the level included in the box.)

  • Debster - Cautiously Optimistic

    Hi - No this review is not a scam. I've used it twice. I don't measure, but can tell you my pants no longer pinch me at the waist and I look a tiny bit slimmer. I don't do any exercise other than the warm up ones they recommend. I don't like to give anybody false hope, this is simply my actual experience. I've read where it works best if you have the type of body/fat that responds to a wrap. I tried a wrap once and it did great, so, maybe that's why it is working on me. I did not buy it on Amazon, I bought it direct from their website. However I've bought lots of stuff on Amazon and have written other reviews. I get that people think most of the positive reviews are scams, I felt the same way after reading them. Just seemed too, "pat," and professional, claiming all sorts of glamorous results. All I can say is that after two uses, my pants fit better and I haven't changed anything else (diet, exercise, etc).

  • sandi - working for me!

    Four weeks into my "lose the weight I gained during my medical residency project" I have lost 10 lbs...only 15 to go! I mix the powder with SilK Soy Milk...and love it. The choices are vanilla, chocolate and almond, a nice variety. The first few days was the biggest adjustment to make, but I drank low sodium V8 juice and veggie broth to satisfy hunger moments. Actually, I did the Almased drink soley for a week before substituting one low cal meal a day and felt satisfied. I am in a very busy medical practice and have had plenty of energy to last all day. Unfortunately, that does not leave me a lot of time to exercise. The cost at was about $25 per can, but being a short person and only needing 6 TBSP per drink, a can gives me about 12 servings. A bargain investment in my health and well-being...not to mention my self-esteem. Skinny I come!

  • RedRobyn - BEST antiaging technology I have ever used

    The Galvanic Spa is the best thing I have ever used. I've tried many products from arbonne to shaklee to origins, etc. They are all nice, but always leave the question "is it really working?" You can totally tell right after using the galvanic. My skin is more firm, the texture is softer, and it is just getting better and better. My expression lines in my forehead have reduced significantly, as well as my frown lines. I have also been on prescription medications for acne since I was a teen, and this product has dramatically cleared my skin up. I am a total believer. You definitely want to use it with the gels, they work with the device to produce results. Nu skin also has a great return policy - they guarantee you will see results, so go for it.