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  • Mary Anderson - Between cystex and azo, Azo wins, and this is the best deal around

    I have interstitial cystitis, a chronic illness that mimics UTI symptoms. I have found Azo to offer hands down the best pain relief and to allow me the best sleep at night during flares. I have used Cystex when I couldn't get my hands on Azo, but Azo is the best. Also, my doctors have warned me that long-term or frequent use of Cystex, which contains an anti-bacterial, may have similar side effect to long-term/frequent use of antibiotics, creating a fertile ground for aggressive and harmful gut bacteria. I haven't yet tried Urelle, which supposedly does a similar thing to Azo but makes your pee blue not orange. In any case I'm pretty happy with Azo and at this price.

  • Deborah Churchill - It really is an excellent product!

    Ok so I said I love it. I really do. This product is so gentle on my hair and you get so much dye that my girlfriend does her roots too. I have experimented with different colors and highlights. I now have a perfect summer color and a winter color. Shipping is fast. I know you might think expensive however for this kind of quality only at a saloon could you get the same. Also every few orders I receive the gloss at no charge. Plus I can automatically schedule my color shipment. No running to the store at the last minute.

  • Arboh - Excellent product. Outstanding value.

    Great value. Worth double the price. Clean design, relatively light weight, replaceable studs. Hard to imagine a way to break these.

  • Chris M. - We will see how they do… Seems someone already returned this set

    First off it appears the set I received was previously returned, the box has a sticker that says it was repackaged by amazon and the items inside had been stuffed back into the box in a way that the items were bent and do not fit the truck the way they should and only two of them were in plastic inside the box. I am hoping the heat from the truck sitting outside in the summer sun will help relax the plastic a bit and they will fit better. When I buy something I expect it new in box, not returned and stuffed back into the box.

  • Kirk Burleson - Almost Perfect

    Everything except the battery life is great on this thing. I love the telescoping handle, the guide wheels, the rotating head, and the power. But the battery life is not great. From a full charge it lasted about 20 minutes of all out trimming on a fence line and some of that was wet, thick grass. Another battery would fix my gripe, but it's another $50 and then it might be better just to buy the 40v trimmer instead. I think I'll go gas next time.

  • Pat Kinnear - Very useful!

    We searched high and low for this after our original was "lost" when we had purchased a new computer. My husband uses this for bus routes and he just loves it. To me the price was a bit much but it was worth it to him. I would highly recommend it for home or office.

  • Amazon Customer - It's a light duty vac, but the best of the cordless ones under $300. Simple design, easy to repair yourself.

    I purchased a refurbed Linx from Amazon about 18 months ago, and ironically, though my vac has broken a couple of times, I still really like the vacuum. It really gets used heavily. I have a big black dog, a white tile floor through most of the downstairs, a 3 year old boy, and I have OCD'ish cleaning issues. I've had to fix a couple of things in the vac, but almost everything I attribute to heavy use and "accidents", like the vac tipping over from the standing position. My handle finally gave up altogether when the vac dropped from a self standing position on our hard ceramic tile for about the 10th...20th...(who knows?) time. Contrary to some comments, my experience has been that it's a simple device, and if you're handy with a soldering iron, have a high speed rotary tool, and care to know why things happen, you can fix it.