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  • JeffO - Can't use the controller to navigate...

    In the other 'Just Dance' games that we own, we were able to use the xbox controller to navigate before dancing... but not in this one. Scrolling through songs and getting started is very tiresome for my kids and even myself. The buttons are excessive, tricky and frustrate us easily. We prefer the older versions for that reason... but we love all the new songs.

  • Rangers Fan - Good Value for the $

    Good entry level-shaver. Nothing fancy, but certainly does a more than adequate job. Decided to try this model Norelco since the replacement blades for my older, more expensive, Norelco were difficult to find and very expensive.

  • happycustomer - Don't have wrinkles but used this for skin discoloration on ...

    Don't have wrinkles but used this for skin discoloration on my arms. Worked well. It also reduced the redness in preexisting scars. Could ever use it on my face, probably because of the fragrance. When will manufacturers come to the realization that not all of us want the fragrance--natural or artificial? If products have a slight unpleasant smell, it usually goes away in a few minutes.

  • ke ke - Excellent Product!!!

    I had my thyroid removed 2007 since ive had the surgery my hair has become thin and started to fall out. My doctor recommended that I take biotin and I can promise everyone who buys this product will be very happy my hair and nails are growing I am a satisfied customer.

  • javier - and i can tell you the wait was pretty worth it

    I had been waiting months for them to re-release this mouse, and i can tell you the wait was pretty worth it. The mouse felt extremely light and the tracking felt great. My main gripe comes with the side buttons... I completely understand final mouse's stance to not have mouse software but not having the ability to customize the side button functions(without using 3rd party apps) is a major gripe. It doesn't end there, i have only had the mouse to for 2 months now and already the side buttons are breaking down. The side buttons have been getting "stuck" not in a physical manner, but continue to input the button press until you click it a couple times. Overall its a great mouse but the side buttons really hold it back, i'm not sure if i got a faulty model or if this is a common occurrence.