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  • Dana - Thundershirt Works

    I had heard from friends about this and always put it off because of the money involved, but having a 150 lb dog spaz out during storms I thought it would be justified. The dog took to the shirt with no problems and when the storm hit he laid on the couch like he could have cared less about the shirt. Made a believer out of me.

  • Mary W. - I'm in my first week of using this and can ...

    I'm in my first week of using this and can tell a difference. It tingles but I can tell it's working. It's thicker and it's definitely shinier.

  • Mickey - GREAT GRINDER

    We are seniors and very unhappy with the ground beef in the stores. We decided to try this grinder even though it is a manual one. Honestly if it was to difficult to use or we really didn't like the job it does we could either send it back or junk it because it wasn't that expensive. Well, we were shocked. First the suction cups were unbelievable that grinder didn't move. I cut 3 roasts in cubes like they said and I was amazed of how easy it was to use. I did 2 roast and when my husband got up I asked him to try it. He was even shocked that it was easier than we had thought it might be. Now for the cleanup so very easy, I love it. It just comes apart and you can hand wash or put it into the dishwasher. For the price, the cleaning up with this product and the great job it does, that is why we gave it a 5 star. If you want a grinder that does a good job and doesn't break the pocketbook, try this one.

  • Michael J. Oelrich - Information that we all need to wrap our head around

    I found this book very helpful in developing a framework of understanding of our Social Security system. It may not have been as critical as it could have been to really achieve a balanced assessment of the system, but it contained interesting comparisons between Social Security and other types of life insurance. It would have been even more interesting if the comparison was expanded to look at other types of retirement systems that are not insurance based.

  • garrett bracken - The antenna I received was very simple to install. ...

    The antenna I received was very simple to install. However it was completely nonfunctional. I could only pick up 3 radio stations and even then they were unclear.  I unscrewed the stubby with the radio on, and I still had the same reception with no antenna at all. With my stock antenna I can get dozens more stations. I don't know if it's just a mishap on my specific product that I received or if it's just the overall quality of the stubby brand in general. But I will definitely he returning this as it serves no purpose other than a hood ornament.  

  • RemakingJune - Not magic - but definitely helps!

    I've been using Pro-B now for two months and I definitely notice a difference. No infections, less irritation during menstruation etc. and I just feel cleaner and fresher -- everything is just 'better' in that area now. I'm very glad I started using them. They are also about $10 cheaper here on Amazon than they are at my local drug store. Bonus!

  • Joyce W. - Three Stars

    Never had the experience of knowing if this actually works my partner pass away in January of this year.