IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - « la médecine rend malades plus de gens qu’elle n’en guérit » - « la médecine rend malades plus de gens qu’elle n’en guérit »

  • médicaments induisant une impuissance ou un dysfonctionnement sexuel - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - Principaux médicaments impliqués dans les dysfonctionnements sexuels : Antihypertenseurs (bêta-bloquant s en particulier), traitements hormonaux (estrogènes, antiandrogènes centraux, agonistes de la LH-RH), dérivés de la digitaline, Pyschotropes, Antiparkinsoniens,...
  • castration chimique définition - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - castration chimique : Androcur (acétate de cyprotérone), Salvacy. Le recours à la castration chimique fait débat à cause des préoccupations liées aux droits de l’homme et des effets secondaires possibles qu’elle engendre
  • la pilule - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - Sexe : la pilule qui tue le désir, tabou chez le gynéco « J’ai un peu le sentiment d’être passée à côté de mon éveil à la sexualité, à la venue de la féminité dont tous les magazines parlent mais que je n’ai pas vécue. C’est comme si j’avais subi une...
  • ritaline, zyban, welburtin, antidépresseurs, amphétamines, amphétaminiques.... - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - Amphétamine infos médiator, zyban, antidépresseurs.... Les dangers de la toxicomanie a la ritaline Similitudes entre le méthylphénidate, la cocaïne et les amphétamines LES IM PACTS DE LA CONSOMMATION DE SUBSTANCES PSYCHOACTIVES SUR LES PRATIQUES SEXUELLES...
  • anti-cholestérol - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - anti-cholestérol : multiplier par sept le risque de troubles de l’érection chez les hommes. C’est une très grave erreur car ces médicaments – en plus de leur toxicité musculaire bien connue et fréquente – ont des effets toxiques silencieux, sournois et...
  • Propercia, proscar (finastéride) - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - Propercia, proscar (finastéride) : Traitement contre la chute de cheveux Effets secondaires : impuissance, baisse de la libido, dysfonction érectile, cancer de la prostate, dépression, suicide...
  • benzodiazépines et somnifères - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - symptômes de sevrage aux benzodiazépines Impuissance Impuissance (et médicaments) : - les anxiolytiques, surtout les benzodiazépines à forte dose benzodiazépines Une drogue pire que l'héroïne sevrage benzodiazépines les bons conseils pour le sevrage lent...
  • bêta-bloquants et antihypertenseurs - IMPUISSANCE ET DYSFONCTION SEXUELLE SUR ORDONNANCES - Les dangers des Bêta-bloquants vertiges, faiblesse, problèmes de respiration, insomnie, nausées, crampes abdominales, la perte de la libido et la dépression, cholestérol, diabète beta-bloquant : impuissance, diabete Un des effets secondaires des bêta-bloquant...

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  • LADY-I - Very pleased with this product

    I got pretty disgusted with not being able to print or save my emails with the online internet email product that I use. After installing this one on a separate computer, I have the additional options for saving my emails and printing at will, without having to be on the internet.

  • Amazon Customer - Works for me

    I have a one month old and we are barely getting out of the house by ourselves. My fear was her facing the back and can't see. Shopped around on Amazon and I picked this product based on other reviews. It's a great product. I can see the baby clearly and it's easy to install.

  • D.B. - Great Value, Better Quality

    Includes almost every ear insert you could need, I settled on the larger double decker as I have large ears. This includes a three inch MicroUSB to USB cable you can use to charge this with. I charged it over night and synced it before work and have been listening to music on my iPhone on the lower end of volume for the past six hours and it is still over 50% battery. Syncing was very easy, and I find the "one-button" control to be fairly straight forward. It is a bit bigger than the picture makes it look, but it more than makes up for it with sound quality. I've only had to make a few calls so far with it, but everyone I asked said they could hear me quite well, even when driving. Very pleased with this purchase.

  • alex infantino - The people over there at Timbuk2 are doing good stuff!

    This pack is well designed, well made (very durable) and the size is just perfect for cycling with it! I have a 7 mile commute and I like how it doesnt get my back all sweaty, and the shoulder strap is very comfortable

  • Mary L. Wise - Magazine

    Bought it as a gift for the daughter who is an early child hood (pre school) teacher. Lots of valuable stuff in here.

  • Riddles - Did nothing for my daughter's skin

    I really had high hopes for this vitamin for my daughter's skin, especially with all the glowing reviews. But after going through two full bottles, we have not seen any change in my daughter's skin. I know nothing works for everyone, but we are disappointed, as the ingredients seemed good and useful for clearing skin.

  • Smitty - Sage from an IT perspective

    I am working with this product in a small business with around 60 users. I have around 6 sales people using the software and they run into issues constantly. I am work in the IT department and have to deal with this horrible software on a daily basis. Users are always frustrated by this software because it has so many issues. All I am trying to do is INTEGRATE OUTLOOK WITH SAGE ACT WEB and I've gotten around 4 different errors during the install process that I am following from the SAGE website. I've had to research and fix all 4 errors and I still cant get it working. Same story with every version that comes out while I've worked in IT world. Now I'm on hold for 30 mins and have been disconnected twice and my signal is perfect. This company has horrible software and horrible customer service. I would not recommend this software to anyone; especially people in IT. Waste of time and money. BTW this is SAGE ACT 2013 Premium Web I am working with. Same sort of issues in 2011 premium (non web).