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  • cg80 - disappointed.

    not sure what happened to amazon's quality control, but the pair i received was an obvious return. i only received the sunglasses and the case. it didn't come with the box, or the papers or the cleaning cloth. the lenses had fingerprint marks all over them, AND there was a long visible scratch along one of the lenses! the markings on the frame and the laser-etched RB on one of the lenses were present, but it seemed like a cheap, light pair of aviators. made me wonder about the authenticity of these. returned in a heartbeat. thankfully amazon's return policy was fantastic.

  • Gardening & Painting Fool - NOT for normal and oily skin types. NOT for dry either . . .

    Are you going to expose your face to air? Get ready for the oxidation of this product. Lovely look, I must say!

  • Amazon Customer - Causes other games to freeze

    Causes other games to freeze. This could be a fun game but it takes too many of my kindle fire hd's 8.9 resources. As soon as it was installed I could no longer play my favorite game, Ice Age Village. Every time I tried to open it , it froze. Finally I deleted House of Fun. ICE AGE VILLAGE working fine.

  • Darren Cooke - as we all know its a great album) the vinyl surprised me being that it seems ...

    Im here to review the vinyl... not the songs (although, as we all know its a great album) the vinyl surprised me being that it seems to be 180g hifi quality. Although it required an immediate cleaning, I was impressed. Also is comes with two vinyl discs... I don't think this was noted.

  • Denise Henn - Love the product, but don't buy Pink

    Bought the Fitbit Flex a few weeks ago and just love it. So motivating and easy to sync to MyFitnessPal as well.

  • daniel - high and LOW

    They help lose weight make you sweat, give you energy, make you manic and feel like you can take on the world.... But when you crash it's the worst thing ever, you'll feel depressed tired and pretty much just want to die but they work well! Oh! And thee anxiety kinda sucks too