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  • charles semonian - it kept crashing and slowing my computer and no refund

    well, i guess this is overkill. i wish i'd looked at these reviews before i'd bought. i don't know how anyone could see these reviews and buy this product, but i've got to vent somewhere. many hours spent trying to fix the problems led nowhere, but they had the nerve to say they'd guarantee to solve all my problems if i paid an additional $199 a year. i guess one is born every minute, but at least i didn't go for that. they wouldn't give me a refund within thirty days of my download, supposedly because i'd purchased it earlier. and trying to understand their accents is no joyride, either. but hey if you buy this product, i guess another one was just born.

  • Moua - This game is hilariously fun. But the PS camera kept detecting walls as ...

    This game is hilariously fun. But the PS camera kept detecting walls as a player. The top corners of the kitchen door scored 7,000+ points! lol

  • laila - Basically like lotion for your hair

    This stuff smells amazing and doesn't make your hair greasy. I have thin Asian hair and I work it in on my ends and mid-way. My hair feels softer than before, and I haven't had a hair cut since May 2013. The one problem I had though is the product had an 1/8th gone. I went to target and saw they had more product than this but it was more expensive. I guess it's what you pay for.

  • Amazon Customer - I received the instructor manual after searching through titles of ...

    I received the instructor manual after searching through titles of the student edition. The specific student edition I needed was not immediately available, so other options were offered to me, tagged as similar options. They were unable to be used

  • Gene Montgomery - Excellent Performance and Stability when Loaded with Tomato Firmware

    The only "con" I would give this router is its price; I could have gotten similar performance with a Netgear option at a lower price, but I decided to stick with Asus, since I was pleased with the RT-N16.

  • S. Douglas - wrinkles gone at 70

    I've been babying my skin with different brands (both start with "O") for the last 30 years. I've avoided sun since age 45 after two basal cells removed. I'm 70, not overweight, and exercise (indoors). Eventually I started getting small wrinkles on my cheeks and corners of eyes plus dark circles. Two months ago I started RoC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream and Eye cream at night plus moisturizer and Deep Wrinkle serum during the day with moisturizer. My wrinkles are gone, my face is firm and my dark circles are diminished considerably. My face actually glows. I'm extremely happy with this product line.

  • Michael L. Graves - Do Not Buy!

    Very poor fit. The all weather F150 mats are far, far superior in every way. I am sorry that I bought these. I went back to the stock rubber mats. Unfortunately I now have holes in my carpet from the anchors. Not impressed at all.