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  • Thomas hagren - New parts were not in the budget at nearly 800 dollars so i sucked my resevoir out and topped it with lucas

    Years ago i had an 85 vette and the pump was noisy..the rack had a subtle drip..but the main problem was it had a dead spot nearly dead center and it felt gritty all the time. New parts were not in the budget at nearly 800 dollars so i sucked my resevoir out and topped it with lucas. Fired the engine and on the 2nd cycle around the pump went quiet and the steering got looser. 8 years and 55k miles later when i sold never had to touch the PS system again.

  • Willowsong - Don't let the trolls sway your decision! This product and program IS clean, organic, supportive and nutrient dense!!!!!!!!

    Okay, this forum as a place for mis-information has to be realized. When the body is detoxing, you WILL feel bad. The 10 day transformation cleanse is just resetting your metabolism and getting rid of years of accumulated crap stored in your fat and organs. Bashing something that is nutrient dense, vegan, organic and non-gmo as a fad just goes to show that Micky D's has corrupted the general population. 10 days to 'alter' a lifestyle is going to be dynamic and since every body is different and some more poisoned than others, there will be varying levels of comfort or discomfort. Ride the wave, add flex food as needed if you don't need to lose any weight.. read the complete program guide and really figure out how it is meant to work. Caffeine withdrawals are wicked and why there is a 5 day elimination preparation suggested and offered! NOTE: those reviews saying the only great reviews are from promoters, check this! I believe the majority, if not all of the horrible reviews are paid trollers just because they need to sway the opinion with negativity.. kinda like the mainstream media and the nightly news! I cannot stress enough that wholesome plant based products used for 10 days will NOT be harmful to you! Having sense enough to realize that cleansing and detoxing will be harder on some than others is the main key. This product is life transforming in very positive ways.

  • Valerie Antonio - I love this Unicorn Floaty

    This Flossy Floats Giant Inflatable Unicorn Emoji is beyond amazing. It really has make my pool parties be way more fun and cool. This isn't your average floaty. This floaty is enormous and beautiful. All my family and friends couldn't wait to get on it. Its made nicely. The plastic seems pretty thick and heavy duty. I blew it up with a power inflator. Took about 15 minutes give or take. I could not imagine having to blow this is by mouth. I was given this Flossy Floats Giant Inflatable Unicorn Emoji at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • George W Travers - OK. But it temporarily discolored my hair

    Effective. But it turned some of my black hair a mustard color until I shampooed it out the next time I showered.

  • Mlrlite - I usually hate the feel of microfiber

    I bought this towel in the smaller size color purple. I bought it with the intention of putting in my hiking/canoe/lake backpack but so far it hasn't left my bathroom. I usually hate the feel of microfiber, the feeling of it snagging on your skin. However, this towel is so soft, even after a few washes on hot it has stayed super soft. I figured I would give it an at home test before I needed on an out door trek. This is a mistake that means I need to buy another one. I've used it on both my body and my hair and am impressed at how fast drying it is, both for me and for the towel itself. It pulls all the moister off my skin instantly and works great as a way to kick start drying my hair. I have thick, long, hair and it pulls the extra moister out without being super drying or causing extra frizz. It has become my hair towel and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a regular towel. My only complaint is that it is really soft. I know that's a strange complaint, but I like my body towels to be a little scratchy. Because I know this is a personal thing, I didn't feel the need to take dock it a star. If I could I would maybe go with a 4.5 rating.


    Don't even bother stopping at any Kiosk that is selling this so called miracle skin care line! It's a scam! My husband was sucked in while we're on vacation in Hawaii at an outdoor mall. They gave us a deal by throwing in 2 free items (face & eye lift cream) with their Thermal Mask & Face Serum. It hasn't changed any of my fine lines. It's all hype! Try a better product like Origins!