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  • Cody Pierce - perfect except for the lack of instructions.

    installation was simple and fast. everything worked flawlessly. the only issue i have at all with this product is the lack of instructions. had they been provided this would be aten minute install. having done this without them, and already knowing how to dissassemble my bike it took me around 30 minutes. that time includes reassembly. if this is to be your first mod, and youve never had you bike apart i highly recommend looking up a video on how to get to the tail harness.

  • Review For You - Very Happy

    Fit perfectly. Plastic cover on one side of the crossbar unscrews so you can adjust the width to the perfect size. Looks great!!

  • DrMSG - Trusted their call

    I asked eSalon to darken my color for the fall. They wrote back and said I probably wouldn't be happy with how dark I was going. They suggested going dark gradually and making me a lighter formula. I was skeptical but reluctantly agreed. After using it I was so happy! This was the shade I had been searching for. I am so happy with it I am going to keep it. I love eSalon and their products!!!! I recommend them to everyone!!!

  • danny ryukyu - travel planner

    generally okay for planning. has some good tools like finding what's near here and estimating the trip. I found it awkward at times with some panes disappearing and trying to figure out how to get them back. the software also routed me the long way around in multiple instances, adding about 200 miles at one point to my vacation. I also didn't like the way it broke up a road that changed its name, making it difficult to calculate how far to drive on that part of the route. It did let me add new points so i could try 'what if' scenarios. Haven't yet found the magic button to pick the most efficient route based on the stops I wanted.

  • Kazuya K. - Pain to setup

    Nice feel on the actual panel if I could've setup more easily. I purchased this to work with my X-Plane 10. But is was just hard. It maybe because English is not my first language. It maybe I am not a tech person than I thought it was. It was just too confusing to setup. 1 week of reading and asking, I gave up and sold it. My yoke/ trim/ and rudder is enough for me for now. I wish the setup is more easy like plug and go.

  • Michael - This game is awesome!

    I wasn't sure about this game before I bought it because I have never even picked up a guitar before but after getting it I am really glad I did. Rocksmith teaches you everything you are nervous about and at a comfortable speed.