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  • Juan Daniel - I love this game.. more than I've expected

    I'm disagree with the bad rewiews of this item because to me It's amazing! Some modes are classic of this game like road to fifa world cup. I love it because It's difficult and It brings a exciting experience of living all the qualifying round woth your country.. The menus are very creative and the scenes with the people arround is a good innovation.I agree with that some scenes could not skip for merit to the developers of this game. And the physics of the ball is great.

  • Nick G. Thomas - I am sorry to give this bad report because most everything from Amzion works

    First of all the unit don' t work very well. I put it on my desk and went to my workshop and my Wife herd something making a noise and she found the Roto Clipper running and the switch was off and locked. So I was just holding it and it started running in my hand we had to take the battery out to stop it from running. Also it does not cut my nails it takes forever to file one nail. I am sorry to give this bad report because most everything from Amzion works great but Amazon is telling me I have returned to many products and they say they will cancel my account for this. I got a Phantom 3 Pro and it did not work so I had to send it back to DJI for repair so Amazon would not cancel my account. But when all is said, Amazon is still the best place to order from. I have ordered about 500 orders from with no problems. Amazon will always work with you to make it wright. But I can not return the finger nail cutter I am stuck with it but no problem it's not Amazon's problem.