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  • Ben Gordon - BEST FPS IN YEARS!!!!

    I played the beta for BF1 and was skeptical. But after getting my hands on the full version I can say this is the most incredible FPS i've played since first trying CoD 4 so many years ago. The game is beautiful, gritty, and hard, but fair. THIS is a next generation FPS that puts modern day Call of Duty to shame!

  • Momtomany - constantly and was always super gassy and in return made him upset and sad ...

    I purchased these probiotic drops for my baby boy. I have never tried them with my other kids or even heard of them until recently. There were a lot of mommies that swear by these probiotic drops for their infants. When my son was little little, his tummy was very sensitive and he spit up ALL the time, constantly and was always super gassy and in return made him upset and sad and then he would end up constantly having the hiccups. So, I thought what the heck, why not try something to help him out - so I ordered the Mommy's bliss drops. I've used their other products and liked them, so I chose this brand to start with. I wanted to choose something that was 100% natural, and did not contain any additives, flavors, colors, or chemicals - after all I am trying to FIX his belly troubles, not make them worse by shoving who knows what into his body. These arrived and I started giving him these drops once a day. I breastfed exclusively at the time, so you are supposed to drop it onto you or you can add it into a bottle. I pumped also - so I did it both ways. This bottle is .34 fluid ounces and it is enough for a 30 day supply. You may or may not notice a difference right away, it took my son about 2 weeks until I noticed a difference. It really did help with his spit up and upset belly and made him more regular. I really noticed the difference if I stopped these drops. The drops are liquid and easy to dispense with the dropper. It is supposed to help improve immunity and promote a healthy digestive system. Well - I am not sure if it was the breast feeding or these drops or a combination of both, but my son is now almost 11 months and has only had one teeny tiny cold that lasted one day - he is a very healthy baby. There is no taste to these drops and my son did not refuse them or make any sort of face while eating it. I would highly recommend these probiotic drops.

  • Nick009 - Quality product

    Exact replacement for original at a much better price. Good quality components with weather strip included. Installed in few minutes.

  • Corporate Angel - Life isn't user friendly... Enjoy

    What's not to like? The special effects are stellar, the movie uses science (truth yet twisted for its and your benefit) and it entertains throughout! Ever since the Matrix we find that life isn't "User Friendly" we are but a virus of this planet but what do we know ...because what's 80 years out of (billions?)?

  • Amazon Customer - Best Way To Add BT to Your Car

    Use it in my Cruze. Stays hidden if you want, and works great. Just don't charge it while using it. I personally got nasty feedback noises. Best way to add bluetooth to your car if your dont want to change out a pcm, or put in a new head unit. Also, it's a tenth of the price, and no installing. Just charge, plug in, and pair.