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  • jennypoo - Too good to be true- this is definitely that- a real ripoff

    I am 51 yrs old and have maintained pretty good skin and still trying. I have used it all like many of you. I have had micropeels for 10yrs now on regular basis, botox, and fillers a few times. I love botox in small amounts, too much never looks good on me. When new products come on the market I always pray it's for real this time. I would spend up to 500 on any machine I could use at home, but it had better work. One peel alone at the spa is 100 bucks or close.

  • Mr.D. - I bought this product about a year ago and finally ...

    I bought this product about a year ago and finally got to apply it. There was no mention of a hose to load the mixture into the sprayhead so I had to use a soda straw cut on a bias, applied to the small inlet boss on the underside of the spray head.. The seed would settle out on the bottom and there was insufficient suction to draw it into the spray head within a minute. This is a product that has a promising concept which it, unfortunately, doesn't fulfill.

  • R. A. Johnson - A Warning to the Curious.

    My story is a grim one, though I shall be brief in the telling. I bought these cables as a kindness to help the old man with whom I lodge although he has a great deal of money of his own, a fact which caused me, I confess, no little grievance. His hearing is affected with the deafness of old age and I believed that a fine pair of speaker cables would extend the years of his auditory pleasure.

  • Will - Too weak to get through thicker skin.

    Very weak. The lightest amount of pressure stops it from spinning. I gave up trying to soften my heels after several minutes of tedium.

  • Amazon Customer - An excellent product

    This is a lightweight mouse that works great and feels good in hand (righty here, but it is ambidextrous). The lighting options are nice and the software works well. The battery life is very good. I use it frequently for gaming (with the light set low) and plug it in usually once a week. I appreciate the USB micro-transceiver vs bulkier options from competitors. It is much easier to use with a laptop on the go. In a pinch, you can use a regular micro-usb cable with a small end to charge it, unlike some competitors with proprietary cables. I've had this mouse for two months now and have had zero problems with it. The G900 is pricey, but for the performance, features and quality, it's worth every penny. All in all, I would say this is probably the best mouse I've ever purchased.

  • EileenL - Easy, peasy payroll

    I've been doing payroll for 35 years. Started with paper, pen and calculator until the first Quickbooks program came out. Several versions later handled up to 100 employees salaried and hourly with multi deductions for insurance, cafeteria plans, judgements, etc. It has never failed to make my life easier and comfortable that taxes are accurate.

  • Marilyn Jones - Excellent resource.

    Needed this as a resource for completing tax forms. As I have used this guide in the past, it met my expectations.