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  • Christine Differt - The mascara I only used the first day because I came home looking like a raccoon

    Foundation went on smoothly, however a very HEAVY foundation not the light 'moisturizer' they advertise which leaves you feeling as if you're wearing nothing. The foundation tingled a bit the first day and felt a felt a bit irritated during the day. Second day applied again with a bit of redness but nothing major this time a stronger tingling feeling, when i looked in the mirrior at lunch my face was visibly red and splotchy. Obviously I had an allergic reaction to it. My face felt wind burned for several days after, gave foundation away. Obviously NOT hypo allergenic as they so strongly advertise.The mascara I only used the first day because I came home looking like a raccoon. Not for me.

  • tarah fair - waste of time

    really doesn't do anything at all... and is complicated... not worth it... comes with a small bottle of gel n an extra battery... witch are not useful cuz after the first use the gel was gone and by the third the belt wouldn't even work! yes.. I even changed the battery! NOT WORTH IT!!

  • joketchum - Great Gummy Vitamins!

    I received a free sample of these vitafusion gummy vitamins and I just say that I personally love them! These are my opinions and I was not paid to try them. I thought they tasted great and I could see an improvement in my complexion and the over all appearance of my hair. I've had a lot of bad luck finding vitamins that I honestly felt as though "worked" but, so far, I really like these. They aren't a miracle pill by any means that are going to magically make your hair and nails longer or your complexion perfect but they do make you feel better and I personally saw a result. The only downside that I really had with these vitamins is that they tend to stick together and become lodged at the bottom of the bottle. I also had a fee gummies that seemed hard around the edges. I live in Arizona so its naturally hit here but I never stored them in the bathroom or anywhere near a window where the heat might affect them more. Other then those minor issues i thought they tasted great and made me feel better.

  • Questarian - Independent Day 2 Late.

    A 20 year waiting for a sequel, and it goes from blockbuster to lack luster. It not bad as I feared, but no were near as good as I hoped. A predictable sequel, pretty sure someone green lighted the project by saying, "don't worry about a good story, jist do it like the last one but make everything bigger!"

  • Jesse - ONLY 1 con

    I love it because it is SAFE, it is huge and very comfortable for my 3 month old. It puts my mind at ease knowing she is safe! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 ONLY because it was VERY hard to unbuckle at the begining. But I think that was because it was new and just needed the push button to be worn in a little! It is huge (that is annoying HOWEVER I'm okay with it because it fits and I know my daughter is safe)

  • Malise - I don't get gitters

    I have been taking these pills for quiet a few days now to help boost my weight loss. I like the fat that I am not as Hungary. I don't get the gitters like other pills. It also helps block your fat intake and increases your metabolism. I feel if I continue to take these natures burn in will lose a good amount of weight with my diet and exercise.