Breeze Animal Hospital | Veterinarian - Veterinarian on Panama City Beach that offers full medical services for dogs, cats, birds, lizards,rabbits and other exotics.

  • Breeze Animal Hospital, Veterinary Services - We are ready to provide your pet with veterinary medical care, including spay, neuter surgery, house calls, boarding, day care, complimentary medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, pet massage, rabbit, bird and reptile care.
  • Breeze Animal Hospital, Our Veterinarians and Staff - Dr. Kimberly Breeze, Dr. Webb and Dr. Woods seek to provide the best possible animal care for their highly-valued patients.
  • The Helping Paws and Claws Fund - Breeze Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping injured wild life and abandoned animals.

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    As a fan of Gorilla tape, I had high hopes for this product -- and I wasn't disappointed! My brother leaned on my towel bar and knocked one end off the know the kind: ceramic holders on both ends with a connector bar to hold the towels. Since the ceramic holder was affixed to drywall, a big chunk of the wall also came off. I read all the reviews of adhesives for this type of task and chose carefully. I followed the instructions of dampening both surfaces before applying a small amount of glue (it expands). Result is that the towel bar is now firmly re-affixed to the wall, and you would be hard pressed to know that a repair had been made. Once again, Gorilla to the rescue!

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    Tells you what is at the exit but It was much easier to use when you could follow the route through all the states. On long trips I find myself having to flip back and forth. Very frustrating.

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    As a post menopausal woman with bladder leakage issues, genital odor is a constant battle and embarrassment fear, so when I saw this, and the great reviews, I thought, "expensive, but if it works..." Ladies (and gents) it DOES work!

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