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  • Body extensions - “A woman-of-color who writes poetry or paints or dances or makes movies knows there is no escape from race or gender when she is writing or painting. She can’t take off her color and sex and leave...”
  • Body extensions - The Charge: Gynocide | Mother Jones
  • Body extensions - Biologist to develop ‘transgenic tobacco plants’ for trans people to grow sex hormones at...
  • Body extensions - “Prof Guillebaud said: “Older women have had ‘forgettable’ contraception - as opposed to the pill or condoms - for a long time, with things like sterilisation and the coil. "But it is younger...”
  • Body extensions - “BaContraception, short for Bacterial Contraception. Human Vagina contain 108-109 bacteria per gram vaginal fluid. More than 90% of these bacteria is Lactobacillussp. which is commensal in human...”
  • Body extensions - “Such tests would provide parents with unprecedented kinds of information, like risk genes for autism, in addition to hundreds of rare developmental disorders. While that could catch problems in...”
  • Body extensions - The Second Life of Alnylam and Its Nearly Discredited Gene Therapy | MIT Technology Review

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  • Brandon - Handy way to secure car keys when pockets aren't an option.

    I've often found a need to keep a set of car keys secure when carrying them in a pocket just isn't a realistic or safe option (Cycling, kayaking, or military PT sessions). I'd either have to leave the car unsecure with the keys hidden under the seat or hope I didn't lose the keys in a river or on a trail. The drawer is pretty small, but it's big enough for the remote, the ignition key, and the house key. Build quality seems to be quite good, especially for the price

  • k.c. l. mom of 11 - Great dog house great price

    When assembled correctly it is plenty sturdy. It did take 2 of us to snap the roof together so each could hold one side to line the opposite ends in alignment. I ordered this thinking it would be cozy but it is actually quite spacious. it looks nice on my deck. Our dog is a house dog but we wanted it in case he is out and it rains unexpectedly

  • jane sweeney - Still the best

    This was the first thing they handed us when I was an English major in the 60's. It has stood the test of time.