Black Pine Holistic Healing Reiki and Chinese Medicine - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Seattle-based Reiki bodywork, energy work classes, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine with Melissa Dana, Reiki Master/Teacher, EAMP, LAc, Dipl OM.

  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Make an appointment to see Melissa Dana - In pain? Feeling down? Contact Melissa Dana, Seattle-based Reiki Master/Teacher, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist for an appointment today.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Prioritize Your Health & Wellbeing - Black Pine Holistic Healing - As a member of your healthcare team, Seattle-based Reiki Master/Teacher and acupuncturist Melissa Dana is committed to your health and wellbeing.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Gift Certificates - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Beautiful gift certificates available for purchase online. Treat a loved one to Reiki bodywork, acupuncture, and/or Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing About Reiki Bodywork - As a form of light touch bodywork, Reiki supports the body's natural healing ability in releasing what is no longer necessary, and illuminating one's truth.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Acupuncture - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Acupuncture treatment, including estim, cupping, moxa, and ear seeds for pain relief (e.g. migraine and chronic low back pain) and stress reduction.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Chinese Herbs - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Chinese herbs are a powerful adjunct to acupuncture. Together they effectively support the body in treating both physical pain and emotional concerns.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Insurance and Fees - Insurance reimbursement available for acupuncture services; flexible payment plans available for self-pay. Reiki treatment available on a sliding scale.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing New Patient Forms & Other Paperwork - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Download new patient forms for your upcoming appointment, as well as an insurance verification questionnaire and health information release form.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Enroll in Reiki and Energy Work Classes - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Enroll today in a 9-week course on Reiki and energy work: Learn to heal, tap into an infinite energy source, and transform your life!
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Reiki Lineage for Melissa Dana - With 50+ branches of practice, Reiki treatment can differ quite significantly from one Reiki lineage to another; there is always something more to learn!
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Reiki IA: Awakening (Reiki healing for self-care) - Recalibrate your life to love; learn Reiki healing for self-care. In this 7-week course you'll learn to sense and channel energy for health and healing.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Reiki IIA: Concentrating (Energy Work 201) - Course description for the 9-week Reiki IIA course, introducing the High and Low selves, Reiki symbols and mantras, and distance-healing techniques.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Learn Reiki - Course Reviews - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Having you been wanting to learn Reiki? Hear what former students have to say about this 9-week course in Reiki and energy work for beginners.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Lightarian Reiki Attunement for Reiki Masters Only - Usui & Karuna Reiki Masters, excel your practice with Lightarian Reiki attunement (trademarked), the "highest vibrational Reiki healing energies available."
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Location - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Integrated Reiki bodywork and acupuncture for pain relief and emotional freedom. Offering 9-week courses in Reiki energy work for self-care and healing.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Health Resources on Black Pine Holistic Healing's Amazon Store - Find health resources commonly recommended by Melissa for physical and emotional wellbeing on Black Pine Holistic Healing's Amazon Store.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing The Keys to Healing - Treatment supports your healing in facilitating ease and increased awareness in choosing the healthiest conditions for your thriving.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Mission & Values - Black Pine Holistic Healing's core values in helping those who seek self-awareness, acceptance and ease: Humor, learning, kindness, autonomy, and safety.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Melissa Dana, Reiki Master/Teacher, LAc - Black Pine Holistic Healing - Learn more Melissa Dana's experience and qualifications as Reiki Master/Teacher, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Wallingford Office Hours & Location - Wallingford office hours for Reiki, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal consultation in Seattle, serving local Wallingford, Fremont, University neighborhoods.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing For Practitioners - Continuing Education - Improve your patient outcomes with coordinated care and continuing education opportunities (CE credit applies for NCCAOM-certified acupuncturists).
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Blog - Reiki, Chinese Medicine & Herbal Supplements - Get the latest health and healing news to learn more about the benefits of Reiki energy work, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and natural supplements.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Resources: Reiki Books and Energy Work Manuals - Reiki books for students interested in learning more about energy work, including experiential exercises, historical overviews and scientific explanation.
  • Black Pine Holistic Healing Video Resources for Energy Work and Reiki - Energy work videos for students interested in learning more about the power of intention and emotion, the Law of Attraction, and Cosmic Conconsciousness.

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