~Will's Glandular Adventures~ - A blog documenting my adventures with my insulin pump, from the "Hmm, maybe I should get a pump" to the "Wow, this pump is great! I've been using it for ages and I never want to inject again!~"...

  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, hi, do you know by any chance how much can taking... - Anonymous said: hi, do you know by any chance how much can taking DHEA interract with prescription T ? Im gonna get my T, but i dont want to tell my doc about dhea, instead when i'll get my T i will...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, this is embarrassing.. but i get a free bottle... - Anonymous said: this is embarrassing.. but i get a free bottle every time someone buys one at mangoaff725(dót)com and these things work better than adderall.. i legit lost 15lbs in 2 weeks.. try them....
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, really vague DHEA update - really vague DHEA update I’ve been taking DHEA in increasing amounts for the past two or three months, though I did go a few weeks without taking any because i thought i would be getting pre-t labs...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, do you plan on having surgery? - Anonymous said: do you plan on having surgery? Answer: Yes, but only top surgery.
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, good luck on your transition! :) - Anonymous said: good luck on your transition! :) Answer: Thank you very much! I’m excited :D
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, Oh whoops I never update. - Oh whoops I never update. Sorry. Short update. The pump is still much better for me than injections. My endo and I are still trying to figure out the proper basal insulin rates. I think part of the...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, Diabetes-related stuff - Diabetes-related stuff Not necessarily pump-related. My blood sugar levels have been absurd for the past two or three weeks. They’re always high, even when I’ve been painstakingly precise in my...
  • ~Will's Glandular Adventures~, Thank you so much. I'm in the UK so treatment is... - Anonymous said: Thank you so much. I'm in the UK so treatment is free. It's more curiosity at this stage. I've been wondering this for a while, so type 2 would be more likely, and I'm pretty chubby...

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  • volksman - Nice Lighting Addition to the Sidewalk

    Very nice stainless steel looking lights. Yes the poles are made of metal but very thin metal, almost like aluminum foil thin, but They do look pretty snazzy. The packaging is very well thought out and arrived safe and sound. For the money, these are not bad at all, I am probably going to buy more to finish the look along the sidewalk. I have had no issues with them, they are working great.

  • Ms!Uchiha! - Love the color

    Gives my lips a golden sheen and I love the tingle. I wear this every night out, and I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a sexy but not too "out there" lip color.

  • rachel - I can't believe adobe would do such a thing

    I switched to Mac from my PC, and didn't realize that adobe had converted to this monthly subscription crap. I guess now i'm just going to have to purchase pixelmator until Adobe realizes how selfish they've become.

  • Web Buyer - Hidden Fees, Impossible to Cancel, and spotty service coverage.

    I've had freedompop since they started offering service (so a couple years now) and each month I'm charged for a handful of small fees. The service coverage is terrible, so I can rarely get online enough to use it, and they charge an "inactivity fee" if you don't use the service. (How's that for a catch-22??) I've tried canceling, but the bills keep coming. It seems like the only way to truly cancel is to call them and reach someone with authority to do that, but each time I've been transferred around until I was dropped or was told that department was closed.

  • [email protected]#1 - Recomended software

    I recomend this since they automatically upgrade your version if your subscription expires a few months after january 1. Will give you the full 365 days coverage. I switched to this company after another one charged me full price for coverage when i bought my computer on black friday and only got coverage for 1 month before they charged me again for a new version for next year.

  • Jmpman17 - This Book is Simply Wonderful!!

    This book is probably one of the best books regarding magick and spellcraft! This book gives you some real good insight on casting these spells and then making up your own spell with your own special ingredients and tools! Also, the author discusses some important topics when regarding to casting, the moon, white v/s black magick, and lots more!! Whatever you need as far as a spell book is concerned, this is the perfect treasure to add to your book collection! :)