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  • Commentator - To The Heart

    This is a good song and Heart performed this song well. Unfortunately, the Wilson Sisters did not write this song. Some of their original compositions are among the greatest songs in Rock and Roll Music!

  • A feasible, flexible, sane approach to diet and nutrition - A feasible, flexible, sane approach to diet and nutrition

    This is by far the best book I've read on the benefits of eating a higher (as opposed to high) protein diet. The authors give an easy-to-follow but detailed explanation of what insulin resistance is, why you want to control it, and how to do that through diet. Best of all, their recommendations are do-able -- they're simple principles (eating carbs with protein, limiting the amount of carbs eaten in a two hour period) that can be applied to a variety of diet preferences and lifestyles. It involves some tweaking of what you eat, when, but not the drastic (and, to me, completely impractical) overhaul that many high-protein diet plans do. My one criticism is that the author's presentation of their eating plan is a bit confusing in spots (and that may account for why another review here discounts the book as just another low-fat eating plan -- it's not that, at all). I had to go over it a couple of times to understand what exactly I was supposed to do to put their principles into practice. But overall it's a wonderfully sensible book, non-threatening, with eating guidelines I think anyone should be able to live with and benefit from.

  • Creed - The RVE is the best x99 mobo there is for pretty much everything

    The RVE is the best x99 mobo there is for pretty much everything, OCIng is a big part of it yes, but if you go to their page, this mobo has a shitton of features I didn't see on any other mobo, this is an E-ATX mobo so it being heavy is really obvious, I seariously don't know where to start from, the LEDs, the heatpipes, the BIOS. the CPU pins, it's just top notch all over, I really don't know how can they top themselves on cannonlake's mobos but sure enough they've got my money on it.

  • T. Woosley - Very happy

    I was hesitant to buy a non apple product. I bought a non Apple Watch band and it didn't fit but I kept it as a backup should mine break. Apple sells the cover and case separately now price gouging in my opinion. I was happy with my Apple case cover but they lost me this time. Then I found your product. I knew I wanted the pencil. Bottom line. Cover fits great, pencil is secure and I love the color. I just hope it takes opening and closing over a long period of time. Great product.

  • Chris C. - Terrible game.

    The latest FIFA installments that I have purchased are FIFA World Cup 2010, FIFA 13, and FIFA World Cup 2014. I can tell you that World Cup 2014 is terrible compared to the other two.