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City: -122.3558 California, United States

  • Alex - A little goes a LONG way!

    This is the best stuff you can use for cleaning just about anything or removing old paint splatters from the floor. Seriously attacks grime; whatever you need it to do, you spray or dab it on and give it a few minutes (depending on the severity of the dirt/paint). Then you can wipe, scrub or scrape away the mess. I've used paper towels, scrub brushes of various materials and an Xacto blade to remove unwanted spills and dirt. I've never used it on clothes.

  • Coffee Addict - Great coconut scrub.

    I was looking for a scrub that I can share with my husband. Not only do I love body scrubs, but I also love the smell of coconut, my husband also likes coconut, so I figured I would give this Coconut Milk Body Scrub by AriaStarrBeauty a try. My husband has dry arms, feet and legs, so he let me use this coconut milk body scrub on him. Just a dollop in my damp hands and rub in a circular motion on my arms, legs and feet.. After a couple days he said he ca notice a difference. After a week, not only can I see the difference, he says his skin is smoother and doesn’t itch anymore. Win/win! It is not greasy or runny and goes on smoothly. It removed almost all of the dead, dry skin and makes my skin feel so smooth while looking good! I have used a lot of different kinds of scrubs, but coconut scrubs are in my top 3 of my all time favorite scrubs. The consistency is perfect for a scrub. The way I would explain it is to call it a damp scrub that almost feels like a salt/sandy mix, which is perfect for an exfoliating scrub. I tend to get very itchy when my skin gets dry. Since using this scrub, the itch has gotten so much better. Great scrub for the price.

  • nini - This product couldn't have come at a better time. My two boys are both sick and ...

    This product couldn't have come at a better time. My two boys are both sick and have fevers. I have an under the arm thermometer, but it takes a little time and I have to hold them to stop them from wiggling. I was hoping is was going to be different. This thermometer does its job and takes very accurate temperature, from I have seen. The only problem I have with it, is that it isn't accurate if you have a wiggly child or the forehead part isn't directly flat on the forehead. It isn't the products fault that it wasn't working for my children unless they were really still. It's a great product and did its job well, but it was just hard to get my children to sit still with it so maybe it's better for older kids/adults. Overall, I am very pleased with the way it works though!

  • Mridula - How to get relief from economical crisis

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