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  • Tiffanymw - Good product

    I must say I really like this cream. Although I don't have a lot of cellulite or dimples, I saw a difference with the use. I will continue to buy this product and use it. Just need a bigger size! :-)

  • 2roos - USE COMMON SENSE

    This product works great for many many people. For us, we've used Seresto on both our cats and our dogs, and finally have found an affordable alternative for flea control! We've used this product for well over a year and this will be my third time ordering more for everyone. (We do have to bathe our pets occasionally, so it doesn't quite last us 8 months per collar.) I'm a dog trainer and frequently see other owners who also love this product and use it on their own pets, so it does work well when your pet isn't sensitive to it. Have not seen ONE flea on anyone in all this time - and we live in the deep south where the fleas are almost as abundant as the mosquitos. And daily/weekly combing (depending on which pet/coat) is part of our schedule, so they do still get checked just in case the collars might fail.

  • Patricia A. Kersteter - Antivirus

    I have used Kaspersky for many years now and it does a wonderful job of keeping my computer clean. I get the 3 user version and put it on my computer, my daughter's and my granddaughter's laptop. Really works like a charm and much less cumbersome than some of the other anti virus programs.

  • Stephen S Hill - They installed easily and look just like the OEMs

    They installed easily and look just like the OEMs. I have 3 complaints but they are common to the OEM model as well. First: The bars end up too close together to safely hold anything long, (Like a canoe). Second: They have no opening or anchor so that anything tied on can be prevented from drifting left or right, (I will be modifying to correct this). Third: They are really shorter than what I need, (A canoe and a kayak).

  • Michael Black - Horrible software, horrible customer service, but what are you gonna do? Not many other options

    I've been using Quickbooks for a year at my business now and I just bought the 2014 Pro with Enhanced Payroll. First of all the instructions for installing the Payroll portion are WRONG. The options they tell you to click don't exist. Tech support is overseas and not very good. I still haven't figured out how to get Payroll working and I need to pay my employees. I'm not computer illiterate, I work with computers and various kinds of software every day. The people who wrote this software are not very bright. The interface is clunky, and there are all sorts of graphics to try and make accounting software look cool, but they needed to spend time making it easier to use and work well. The 2013 version would make the computer lock up if you left it open long. The 2014 version hasn't yet, but I'm not holding out much hope. I wish there was another solution to the accounting and payroll problem that cost as little as this does, but I haven't found a good one yet.

  • Anthony J Hill - CUBE!

    Got this for my son for Christmas. Hard to impress a 14 year old, but definitely got the thumb's up and WOW factor from an experienced speed cuber. Worth the little bit of extra coin.

  • Jassy - Update....I'll be honest cause I hate to waist money.

    So ok for all that are thinking of ordering this product I have just brought a bottle of this for my personal use. I am not a delusional person meaning I know that things works different for everyone. I will only tell how it has worked for me. Good or bad I will tell my experience. I dont expect to get the biggest booty from this but for the money a size or 2 would be nice. I'm fit and got a ok booty but if this works a lil it will but me over the top which would be nice. My update will come when I'm half finished with the bottle. Well see you then...