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  • Lorenzo - Good case. Not much more to say.

    Does its job well, my only complaint is that if it had an opening on either side for both the camera and the speaker it would be reversible so you could have the USB port on which ever side you wanted.

  • Lallee - Wonderful Stuff

    I have used NW Progesterone cream off and on for 14 years. I find it is the best for me. Other comporable brands just were not as effective w my hot flashes. I use about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp each night before bed. Dr. Lee, MD (now deceased) literally saved me from an hysterectomy at age 50 by listening to his talk on Bioidentical hormones. I had been experiencing what they call severe clotting and heavy bleeding. I began NW Progesterone cream and after about three months of regular nightime use using it according to his direction on his website ALL SYMPTOMS were gone. I am now 56 and continue to enjoy the benefits of bioidentical Progesterone cresm. BTW... after my fourth healthy child was born at age 37, I had 3 miscarriages all after the first Trimester. I was on Pregesterone vaginal suppositories during my youngest childs pregnancy. She was born full term, healthy, and weighed 8.4 #. I have used Ntural Progesterone cream ever since. It has kept me bone healthy (literally heals osteoperosis - see Dr. Lee's extensive medical studies) and feeling good. Wonderful stuff.

  • Debra L. West - Price Cheaper.

    This is an excellent product! I purchased mine directly from Simple Sugar. I highly encourage you to do so. The pricing is more than 50% less than Amazon. I love Amazon but this markup is way to high.

  • MADianne - Much more reliable supply from Amazon than local stores.

    I highlight my hair at home (don't judge me) and I use this to keep the brassy look out of my hair. It was initially an experiment but I like it so much. and can't reliably get it locally that I now get replacements from Amazon. Not a major story, but I like it.

  • Kindle Customer - I still enjoy the show but bring back Sandra Oh

    I miss Cristina. she brought irony, sarcasm and a perspective that is now missing. Meredith needs her friend back. bring back Izzy. bring back some other original cast members and shake things up. needs more humor.