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  • Glen - I like the extra large size of it because my ZTE ...

    Well, first of all, I like the extra large size of it because my ZTE Lever phone can fit into it easily. But...viewing is another issue. My eyes are fixed into the lower portion of the videos while wearing it, and I have to look up to see the upper portion of the videos. I have to tilt the top of the headset out away from my head in order to see videos with a better viewing experience. Also, the head straps are not comfortable at all. The side strap is set to low and does not want to stay in place. The straps are too tight for sure even when adjusted to it's furthest possible distance. It needs some work for sure.

  • ofallon - Good fit

    The fit is not exactly as pictured in the advertisement, but it is close and mine does fit snug. I like it.

  • DanE80 - Hero 3 Freezes using LCD Touch

    I have the Hero 3, Black Edition, LCD Touch and a Sandisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 micro SD card. When the LCD is attached, the Hero 3 will freeze 95% of the time during playback using the Sandisk 64GB Ultra card. I have the latest firmware and have taken the recommendations from GoPro support. Until GoPro comes up with another firmware update to solve the LCD playback/Sandisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 issue, the LCD Touch is worthless. NOTE: GoPro acknowledged they have been having some problems using the Sandisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 micro card. I am currently using a Sandisk 16GB micro card and it works fine. In the meantime, I wasted $150 on a LCD Touch and SD card.

  • adriel - this stuff is whoa!

    I took it and felt it almost immediately. Kinda like a caffeine boost but more subtle. I was alert. Energized. I teach and wake up at 6am groggy and just go thru the motions, but after this I was ready. Couldnt wait to start the day. I also did take a hit of oxygen boost in a can. They both work. Thru the course of the day I drank it in my water bottle and had this alert ready feeling that didnt fade for a couple hours after. I will say the oxygen boost can did make my chest sorta toght the first use, but I think they say test it and adjust if effect is to intense. Either way. I like cellfood. I drank some vodka with it and its awesome. Probably not the intended use but whatever. And some lady on here got warts falling off and someone else mom was cured of cancer. Others have crohns and other stuff being fixed. Someone mentioned restless leg is soothed which I hope, cuz I have that. All I know is cell food is boss. Fda reviews say otherwise. But who trusts the effin government! When they gpt cures for aids and herpes sitting on shelves so big pharma can lace their pockets. Just take cellfood superserum and be Captain America!

  • DriveboyTex - No more whipping!

    Installed on my 2015 Nissan Xterra. Looks good and works great! Absolutely no issues with reception. The only difference is that my antenna doesn't whip around every time I go in and out of my garage or drive near a low hanging tree branch. Nice upgrade.

  • Lady G - Work great on my Apple 5S

    So far they work great & the price was amazing! They may not last forever but the Chargers that I buy directly from Apple, don't last long enuf to make up for the high price I've paid. The only Con is that they are short.