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  • bananasfosterwallace - It's absolutely terrible. I don't think it tastes anything like cheese

    It's absolutely terrible. I don't think it tastes anything like cheese. I didn't realize that the ingredients were all made of starch flours and gums. As a non-vegan eating a [majority vegan] diet, I think strict vegans should just forgo any animal product "alternatives" because they will disappoint, like this one. I've tried the casein based almond cheeses and those melt and taste like cheese somewhat except they're not vegan! This one is entirely vegan and it's just bad, bad, bad. Everything. Melting, taste, texture. Gross.


    Damn near plug and play. Plugged everything in, loaded the CD ROM Software, rebooted my computer, attempted to log into my email account and BAM! Nothing. Well, no one ever mentioned, or I did not see or remember it, that you have to call your Cable Internet Service Provider so that they can activate your hardware by identifying, cataloging it and configuring a signal to send out to your unit. Once this is complete, this baby was ready to go and works wonderfully. All passcodes, keys and ID numbers are located either on the bottom or the side of the unit so its all there to present and provide to other WIFI members in your household or network.

  • Surreptrixious - Wonderful first book

    This book is great to help teach words and simple concepts to children. Board books are great, because babies and toddlers aren't exactly gentle with paper pages, and these pages are easily wiped down if something gets spilled on them. Sometimes I point the pictures out to my son and read the captions, sometimes I read the ones he points out to me. We both enjoy going through the book together.

  • Claudia - MADE MY FEET WORSE!

    didn't work at all. I followed the directions perfectly and it only dried out my skin worse. no pealing to reveal nice new skin. my feet just looked like I had walked barefoot through the desert. they were dry on top and the bottom the heels were exactly the same and it took forever to get them to look soft again. the skin didn't peal so I was left with just terribly dry skin for weeks.

  • cpeak - Amazing!

    This is the absolute best purchase I have ever made for my jeep. We have a very harry St. Bernard and the hair stuck in the carpet was driving me crazy. This also lines the back side of the back seat and has a zipper for when you lay the back row down. The hair does not stick and vacuums up so easy, there are also covers to cover the wheel wells so those are protected also. I purchased mine from but felt that I needed to make a review because they are just THAT amazing!

  • Penelope - Bella has out down herself!!

    I have read every single one of Bella's books. When I saw she was going in a different direction, I was intrigued. I just finished this book, and all I can say is Bella as out done herself yet again. I truly love her writing, and will continue to read her books until she stops writing, hopefully that never happens! Between this series, and her ENTIRE world of The Shade, I don't know how she does it. Her stories never skip a beat, characters on point, and they all pick up right where they left off. She has made her way to tie Stephen King as my favorite author. Cheers Bella. Keep 'em coming!

  • Cathy Rook - Movin' & Groovin" for sure

    2013 Maxine Wall Calendar - Maxine is awesome and this calendar is the greatest. She's so irreverent in her comments each month.