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  • Cellular Phones Etc - Tried to Be a Brand Partner...This Product is Really Awful...

    We had some friends that told us about this and showed us the before and after pictures and it looked promising. However, my wife and I both tried it and had absolutely zero results. It stinks (like awful stinch...why can't they understand that about something that goes on your face?), it makes your skin tight and feels terrible on, and quite frankly doesn't work in our 2 month "trying to be a believer opinion"

  • PennyKF - yum.

    These are pretty great vitamins. You can literally taste the vitamin-C in them (in a good way), and I can't be sure about the zinc or echinacea, but they seem good as a once-a-day vitamin. Nice, small size and very flavorful. Fun colors, cute bear-shape, nice and moist. My daughter doesn't like them as much as I'd hoped she would, so my husband and I have eaten most of them.

  • S. Rudolph - Boy, do I owe these guys an apology

    When I first got this product, I tried it out on a few things and wasn't impressed. It worked all right, but no better than products which cost less. I was about to write a three star review - okay, but not worth the price - when a tenant moved out of the rental house we own.

  • Amazon Customer - Worst phone I have ever had

    I have had this phone for about 8 months and I am past ready to find something else. It has memory issues. At some point it will tell you that the text message folder is full. You cannot receive text messages until you deal with the problem. The real problem is the memory is not full. It is a false message and the only way I know to fix it is to do a hard reset and then you have to start over and reload all your apps. The ROM memory is too small and so at some point you have to choose which apps you want, because there is simply not enough space for all the ones you might want.

  • michael d. - A great overview of his recent stuff

    This guy doesn't stop---nor should he, as he is absolutely amazing. If you have never listened to Hiatt, start with his greatest hits cd and this best of and then delve deeper. This is a good place to start for his later years.

  • greg - Halestorm cd/dvd

    cd/dvd both clean live dvd is awesome.lizzy has very good range and control.does'nt hurt she's beautiful I'll be purchashing more as my collection grows

  • ArtemisOfLight - An excellent performer under pressure

    I really enjoy athletics such as dancing and yoga, but sometimes my hands or feet will get a little sweaty and pose a mild threat my safety. This product works on clean hands, with one application, and it significantly reduces slippage. It will not stop your hands or feet from sweating, but for me it helps me to remain stable when the heat is on. I recommend this product, as I have used it many times without fail. Remember: clean hands, clean surface, one application.