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  • Love2Shop - Pretty good product.

    I got my mom Caboki because she has very thinning hair, especially on top. She keeps her hair very long in back and ties it into a high bun so it gives the illusion she has more hair on top than she really does. Wigs never seem to fit her right. The ones she likes always seem to be a bit small and tend to slip a lot and they always look wiggy. That's when I saw a youtube video for this product.

  • Jamil Mahmoud - Pretty good bike

    I used to be pretty heavy into skatepark riding several years ago and had a 2-Hip Bizzle. That was the only bmx bike I'd been on until I bought this DK Raven. It is extremely light. Seriously. I still haven't gotten used to how light it is. But when I do it'll make tailwhips and other tricks that much easier. It rides very well and I love the 3-piece crank and small sprocket. The only real issue I have (reason I gave it only 4 stars) is it doesn't come with any pegs. Every other good bmx bike I've seen has at least two pegs which is all I want. Other than that, excellent bike! Well worth the almost $300 price tag.

  • Janie Bourke - What has Happened to Support?

    Don't know what has happened with support, but after 10+ yrs of being an avid Living Cookbook user, all I can say is I am so disappointed with absolutely no support on issues. Makes me sad. Having said that.... buyer beware...

  • Lisa L. Hillegas - Best Self Help Book Yet

    I started my solo law practice last year and wish I'd read this book first. Very up to date, helpful and easy to work through. I started with Foonberg's tome and although it too was helpful, Solo by Choice, was had more practical application for me and I appreciated the varied comments on topic by other lawyers.

  • Alix V - Works for me

    I'm a huge fan of joe and heard him talk about it on his pod cast a few times. Figured I would try it out and I'm pleasantly surprised. Even though I'm a fan I still am writing an honest review. With that being said unlike most people my dreams don't improve but my thinking process is a bit sharper like after having a cup of coffe when the rush fades and you think clear. Best way I could explain it.

  • illumina34 - Great shampoo for my dyed blond hair

    I've been doing my color at home with ION hair color and the 9N picks up more red than I would like. This product helps tone it down and doesn't strip my hair of moisture like other products.

  • M. Edlauer - Perfect for my 1stgrader to read to me

    This summer vacation has been difficult in the reading arena. Nobody wants to read in my household as it's too much work. We are on vacation, and I thought downloading Kindle might be helpful. This was the first "book" we have been able to get through enthusiastically all summer. Thumbs up